Ahh and just like that October is over and it's Halloween. You know what's gonna happen this weekend? Yep, that's right, Christmas commercials and the stores filled to the brim with Christmas decor!! My Sirius radio on Holiday Music. Poor Thanksgiving really gets the snub sometimes. If your state participates in the ever so goofy daylight savings time, then you can rejoice that on Saturday night we set our clocks back an hour and relish in a extra hour of sleep time on Sunday morn.

1. Sectional Play
Super excited. While the game is being played tonight on Halloween eve, it's probably is the most exciting thing about the week. Our #9 is in round two with his team in Sectional Play and playing a Huge rival tonight. Wish us luck!!

2. TP-ing and other SHENANIGANS 
Come on, you ghoulish lil devils, admit it, you've either gathered 20 rolls and TP-ed the heck out of someone's yard or your house has been TP-ed. I used to feel so guilty if I TP-ed someone's house and then it rained. What a mess. But throwing those rolls (The cheap stuff of course) over a friends giant trees was exhilarating. What Halloween Shenanigans did you participate in?

Yummy, gorgeous looking and delightfully good!!

Recipes HERE

Of course when the cutie pie trick-or-treater's come calling, my carved pumpkins need to be lit. Oh wait, no one wanted to carve this year, boo hoo. Looks like mama needs to get out the old carving knife and do it myself. lol. I do love, not only a good carved pumpkin, but a decorated one too!!  When I was in 3rd grade I got first place with my KISS pumpkins.


Me want a cookie!!

Simple pumpkins of years past...posing with my love

I love a cute costume and the creativity of some of them amazes me sometimes. Cute costumes for all ages and your fur babies too!! See my Britney Spears re-create HERE

Deer and Deer Hunter 

E.T. Kids

Barista and Miss Latte

Bun in the Oven 
How precious are these pups!!

From my 1976 Kindergarten class to you.....

Happy Halloween my loves. Be safe and Have Fun!!
Save me a Three Musketeers if you have any left.



  1. Ahhh good luck to your team and hoping they pull out a big win for you guys!!! I think I want to go as a latte next year lol! Happy Friday! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Good luck to your lucky #9 tonight! Those costumes are presh! Happy Halloween to my favorite Blonde Mama!!

  3. Good luck at the game tonight!!!!! :) Happy Halloween!!

  4. love your pumpkin! good luck tonight

  5. Good luck to your son's team tonight! I hope they win!! That Marilyn Monroe doggy costume made me laugh out loud! I think my dog would never forgive me! Happy Halloween love!

  6. Good luck to #9 and his team tonight!! :-) Love that picture of you and your hubs, you guys are beautiful couple. :-) Love those Halloween cocktails too, and your Kiss pumpkins!! That is crazy about Sirus already playing holiday music too!! I think that we need to enjoy all things fall and Thanksgiving before getting into the holiday season, but that's just me. Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend!!

  7. lol some of those costumes are hilarious, love the Subway baby!!
    that cookie monster pumpkin is brilliant!! I LOVE it! I hope i remember for next year!
    and naturally I'm drooling over the cocktails ;)
    Have a wonderful halloween pretty lady

  8. Those cocktails look great! Have a good weekend!

  9. Did you really live if you never TP'd a house?! I don't think so hahaha!

  10. Good luck at the game tonight!!! The cookie monster made me LOL and I love the baby subway hehe. Have a great weekend! I will be blasting my Christmas music starting Sunday!!!! Christmas enhances Thanksgiving for me....not take away from it. Or at least that is what I tell people. LOL

  11. The Cookie Monster pumpkin is SUCH a cute idea! I definitely want to try that next Halloween!

    Lauren :)

  12. yummy cocktails!! they look fantastic.

    And I LOVE that chia pet costume, oh my gosh!! <3

    TP'ing was so fun in high school. And we always did it to our friends so it wasn't a mean-spirited thing (though I'm sure some of the parents weren't too pleased ...).

    Good luck at the game and have a good halloween!

  13. I am laughing at so many of these pics! A baby dressed like a sandwich?! Dying!! And that dog is in the best costume ever!! Hope you have a great weekend and a super spooky Halloween!! -xx


  14. Those three baby costumes and that dog Marilyn Monroe killed me! So funny! And now I totally want to be the kids from E.T. and dress our first kid as E.T. as a family theme costume. :)

  15. Good luck at the game tonight! No one wanted to carve pumpkins here either. :( I love your Kiss pumpkins! So fun! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  16. Anonymous30.10.15

    Hope the FB game went well...I haven't been TP'ing in there an age limit????


  17. We used to TP houses all the time when I was in high school - and it rains a lot here - eeks! Nobody wanted to do pumpkins at my house either - so they're still on the front porch, uncarved. I love your KISS pumpkins! Hope the football game went well & you have a fabulous weekend!

  18. Oooh Halloween cocktails look nice :)
    The Marilyn Monroe doggie is just adorable!

    Anna xx

  19. That's a lot of TP! I bet it was fun :)

  20. Awesome costumes. I remember the year we moved in to our home and our house got TP'd. I never heard of it before and I thought we were hated. Found out later, it was people from our new church and it was a very good thing! We were liked after all. Happy Halloween to you.

  21. Seeing what everyone did for costumes is my favorite part about Halloween!! I'm not that creative with costumes, but love seeing what others come out with. Hope you had a festive Halloween!!


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