Sweet September, how beautiful you’ve been so far!! But why are you half over? 

1. Weekend FunDay
We had the most beautiful weather last weekend! Sincerely, glorious! We decided to grab the girl Miss Stella again, and head up to Lake Michigan. It was a beautiful day for eating alfresco and enjoying the last bits of summer.

2. Halloween Decor
I don’t really decorate the house for Halloween anymore. I’m all about the Fall decor BUT I know a lot of you “BOO’S” (lol) who do! Walmart has the absolute cutest and affordable Halloween decorations that you must have! I've linked a bunch of it up here!

3. Spanx
It’s no secret, my love of SPANX is strong, and I especially love the AirEssentials line. I was overjoyed that they came out with some new fabulous colors for Fall! Just look at these 1/2 zip pullovers! This particular piece is my favorite of the line, and I love it in these new colors; spice and butterscotch!
CLOUDNINEXSPANX for 10% off everything!
Half Zip in Spice HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE

Half Zip in Butterscotch HERE // Crop Pants HERE

4. Outfits, Blazers
and Transition to Fall 
This DRESS is on major sale and so flattering. It looked so pretty with my Petunias going strong (but replaced by mums yesterday at least on the steps.)
Pink Boots HERE

Burgundy // Fuchsia // Plaid // Cream // Pinstripe // Tan

Blazers how I love you and I just ordered THIS ONE below~

5. Misc. Fun

As you may remember, when we built our house, we had some Amish craftsmen build 4 bunks in our bunk bedroom for future grandchildren! 

See that Post HERE.

I just went with a neutral nautical theme, but since we know the first two are girls, I’m adding all the pink, yellow and coral, my friends! This actually blends nice with some of the navy, so I’ll keep some of that in case there are every little boys around too. Target has made kids rooms so easy with their line “Pillowfort!” I'll show the room to you when it's all done.


Have a wonderful weekend, my beautiful friends!

I'll be back Monday with a FALL Decor Post!!! Yay!!



  1. Ok now I have to apparently hit up Walmart for some more Halloween decor ;) Have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

  2. I am so excited for you guys, but hopefully those babies wait a little bit longer. Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  3. Hoping things continue to progress well for the babies!

  4. Oh that pink blazer!! So cute and I love the pullover with the white cropped pants. Your porch petunias are amazing- I´m sure your fall display will be as well. I was just at Lake Erie- those Great Lakes are great places to be ;) Prayers for the baby girls and parents!!

  5. Hello dear Grandma Sista!! I just read the cute note you left on my blog. We are going to be gma's together. One difference - I look like I could be your Grandma!! So glad that the scare is over. And what an exciting time in your life! I wouldn't decorate for Halloween either if I had those gorgeous pink flowers on my porch. I'm running over to Spanx right now cuz I'll have what you're having!!xx

  6. Andrea, it's so nice that you and Mr. Nine got away last weekend with cute Stella. I love those half zip tops. How exciting and good luck with the babies coming! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Sending prayers for those baby girls! That bunk room is going to be so cute. Love that dress on you!

  8. Prayers for the babies and mama!
    And your choice of memes this week: so funny!

  9. Anonymous15.9.23

    Praying for those sweet, sweet babies! They'll have such great care at the hospital. You are going to be such a loving and fun grandma (or whatever name you'll have them call you!). I hadn't decorated my house for Halloween in years and went ahead and did it last year... just a few things mixed into my fall decor. Some years I just don't have the patience to do extra decorating! Ha, ha! That dress with those pink booties is SO cute!


  10. I bet that's scary with the twins, and we will pray for them.
    Love the pink blazer so much. We all need one of those,

  11. Gahhhhhhh give me all the Halloween! I'm decorating next weekend, so I'm going to check out Walmart right after I post this :) I love that little broom!


  12. All of that halloween decor is so cute! Can't wait to see your bunkroom refresh!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. I hope all goes well with the twins. My daughter was born at 35 weeks (waters broke at 33 weeks) and despite only weighing just over 4lbs she was fine. I had the steroid injections for her lungs and they certainly worked! I love your pretty pink dress and ankle boots, you look fabulous!

    Emma xxx

  14. What a very pretty blazers! And keep my fingers crossed for the babies!

  15. I can't wait to see the bunk room refresh! Love the Halloween decor. I don't really decorate much for Halloween, but I do have a few pieces I put out a few weeks before.

  16. Love and prayers for those sweet baby girls. The outfits are darling Andrea.

  17. Your dress is beautiful and the memes made me laugh out loud!

  18. I know it stinks for them to have to stay in the hospital for the duration, but it's good that those babies will be looked after constantly. Sending up prayers for both of them and momma and daddy as well!

  19. Praying hard for your precious twin grandbabies as well as mommy and daddy! <3 Loved this beautiful post, so many pretty looks and I think my favorite is that Betsey Johnson dress! Your weekend in Lake Michigan looks so pretty!!

    Make Life Marvelous


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