What a fun week this has been! Everything from Christmas shopping to a lunch at the most charming café and I’m happy to say, my decorating is pretty much done! Next up, the boys will slowly arrive home starting today, we will fill our grateful bellies with Thanksgiving, have lots of laughs and you can bet more shopping and lots of baking will be involved!

1. Buffalo Checked Tree and Decor
Y’all know I am completely mad for buffalo plaid. Now, I only like a little of it, I don’t decorate everything in my house in buffalo plaid as I like a variety but I sure do love how the hall tree area turned out and I did my entire laundry room in the black and white buffalo check as well!


2. Lunch with the BEST!!
It’s always a wonderful day when I get to see my high school best friend! We may not get to see each other that often but we always pick up right where we left off. We each have a boy at the same college, all our kids went to the same high school and we don’t live too far from each other. We still have just as much in common today as we did back then and it was really cool because my mom showed up where we were with a friend of hers to shop so Rolonda and her got to visit a bit, which was a treat for them both as well! My High school days were so enriched with her a as my partner in crime.

Mom looks extra tall her but she is only 5'3, her sweet friend Joani is just 4'10!

Lots of Buffalo Plaid to be found at Birds Gotta Fly...they have the sweetest little lunch Cafe there too called Steelyard Coffee

3. Week's Attire
Vest HERE // Boots HERE // Leggings HERE // Checked Top HERE Similar HERE // Red Tank Top HERE // Earrings HERE

Top HERE // Boots HERE // Jeans HERE

Leggings HERE // Ugg Slippers HERE // Necklace HERE // Sleep Cardigan HERE & HERE

4. Monogrammed Sherpa Pullover
I am super excited to share this cozy monogrammed Buffalo Checked Wubby Pullover with you! It is one of my favorite pieces and I didn’t hear about it until late in the season last year, so I didn’t have an opportunity to wear it as much. But I’m happy to say, the Etsy store that sells them guarantees you’ll get them in plenty of time as turnaround is fast and won’t they make great gifts for people you love and absolutely a super gift for you! So cute.


And of course, I’m loving this red and black cozy Fleece Pullover as well!

5. Misc. Fun
Posts of the Week 

Tree Technology
You may have seen on my Instagram stories last Sunday that Mr. Nine and one of our sons who came home for a short time, were able to “smart out” all my Christmas lights. As in set up technology with the smart outlets and Wemos so that all the lights not only automatically come on and go off at a certain time, but I can simply tell Alexa to “turn on Christmas lights” and she literally turns them all on! So cool! Get both of these things for your outlets and the apps and you’ll be all set!

Ford v Ferrari 
I can tell you; this is the best movie Mr. Nine and I have seen in the movie theater since A star is born! It’s fast-paced and a beautiful story based on real life events!

Texas Takeaway
I wanted to share a couple more pictures of my babes and our Texas trip for several reasons. Number 1, I can’t stop thinking about the fun we had. Number 2, I’m counting the days until I can see these beauties in person again and Number 3, with all these holiday posts, I’m not sure when I’m going to get to recap the rest of our trip so let me just say this. My life is so much more enriched and blessed because of these ladies. They are the best thing to come out of blogging. Our dear Kellyann said it so eloquently last Friday about the feeling of tribe. I don’t really think I’ve had a tribe of women who all knew each other and loved each other unconditionally since school, so these ladies are an answer to prayer! There is nothing we can’t say to each other and nothing that will keep us from laughing and doing everything in our power to visit each other at least yearly! The only negative is not living closer. Blogging may become a thing of the past one day, but these ladies are magical gifts here to stay!

Without a doubt, sweet ChrissyKellyannShellyLisa and Laura will ALWAYS INSPIRE US ALL with their LOVE and TALENTS GALORE!! 

Have a Festive and Fun Filled Weekend Friends!

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  1. Love all the buffalo plaid! That sherpa pullover is the cutest and your laundry room looks fabulous with all that plaid! I've heard so many people say Ford vs. Ferrari is good and totally a movie that both you and your husband will like! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. Oh sweet friend what a wonderful post! All the Christmas goodness, your beautiful outfits and then you wrap it all up with our photos! This gives me all the good feels! Have the very best weekend my friend! Love you!

  3. Yess to buffalo plaid- one of my faves this time of year- love how you have accents in the home AND outfits that incorporate it- love love love :)

  4. I love, love, love the buffalo plaid touches. You lunch date sounds like so much fun and how wonderful that you mom and her friend happened along too. You are right, you mama looks really tall in that pic! Enjoy your weekend and the boys coming home, sweet friend!

  5. Andrea you truly have a gift for styling!!! Those Christmas decorations are unreal and I'm intrigued by the smart lighting with Alexa!! I'm loving that black top and jeans outfit too. I almost saw Ferrari and Ford last weekend so maybe we need to push to see it tonight! Have a great weekend girlfriend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. I LOVE buffalo plaid! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your boys coming home!

    Daily Style Finds

  7. Your home is decorated beautifully! Love all of the buffalo plaid accents! Those smart outlets are something I need to get! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  8. I love all the buffalo plaid! Such a great pattern for this time of year!

  9. You have such style my dear! Love that buffalo checked tree/décor and your outfits are all so cute.

  10. Gosh I don't know where to start today! I LOVE the sweater you wore to meet up with your HS friend! You're so lucky to still be close! And friendships really are the best thing to come out of blogging- you are very fortunate to have such an amazing group!

  11. I love buffalo plaid too, so versatile and you have used it in your decor so well! High school friends are the best! So glad you have lunch and ran into your mommma! I need that sherpa. Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. I'm convinced your house is Christmas magic!! I love how you incorporated buffalo plaid with just the right amount of touches. Aw, your mom and I share the same height :) I hope you have a great weekend with the boys starting to come home. I know those will be the moments I live for down the road.

  13. You are the buffalo plaid queen and a darn good one. I love your skinny tree by your mudroom storage thing (I'm at a loss as to what it's really called right now...not enough coffee yet. HA! So funny about your mom looking tall. When I saw that pic earlier this week, I thought to myself either her friend is short or I didn't realize she was so tall. LOL That's how I feel with my cute little next door neighbor. Like I'm a giant. HA! Love ya!!!!

  14. I love all your Christmas decor. I know it takes a lot of work to put it all together, but I bet you love every minute of it. I can't wait to see the Ford movie.

  15. I'm so jealous - I wanted to do our new tree in the buffalo plaid & the hubs nixed it. He's no fun :) LOL

  16. Your decor is so pretty, your house should be included in a Christmas home tours!

  17. I love love love Buffalo Check! AND I love what you did with it. So cute and those outfits are darling as well.

  18. That buffalo plaid sherpa is the cutest!! I love the monogram! And your black and red outfit is adorable too! I need to see how I can recreate that outfit with my items!

  19. Huge fan of the buffalo check! Your house... GORGEOUS! I love that you ran into your mom too!! :)

  20. Now, that last framed quote is the cutest yet!!! Love the buffalo plaid, so, so pretty and all your decor looks great. And, lunch with friends is always the best. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  21. I love the Buffalo plaid. I have a little around the house at Christmas.
    Hope you have a wonderful Day.

  22. You're buffalo check tree is adorable!! Love that this time of year!

  23. I love all things buffalo plaid. I have a pair of comfy pants in them. Just love that classic look.

  24. The buffalo plaid theme is very pretty. It's great that you have blogging friends you can get together with and count on.

  25. Boy,do I love me some buffalo check! Not only are you wear it well, but your decorating is stunning. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Andrea.

  26. You know my love of buffalo plaid is as deep as yours!
    I LOVE that you blogger friends turned into real life friends! Such a blessing!

  27. LOVE your little entry with the tall skinny tree, and seating all dressed up! It's quite inspiring. You will be featured at this week's Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make party, which goes live Saturday at 5pm EST.

    Also, what a great photo of you sitting with that furry pullover!


  28. Those smart outlets are amazing. I moved into a new house recently and have been making this one more tech heavy. All sorts of cool things available now #dreamteam

  29. I surprising loved Ford Vs Ferarri! I am not sa race girl, but I love Christian Bale and that it was a great story! Love your decor! So festive and you always look great! Love the fuzzy wuzzy fleece tops too!
    jess xx

  30. It looks like you've had a wonderful week. Wow, your Christmas decorations are stunning! I've never thought to use ribbons in the way you have. Thank you for bringing all the Christmas spirit to the #DreamTeam x

  31. I love the buffalo plaid! Where did you get your tree and what kind is it? I've been looking for one but can't find any.

  32. Anonymous11.11.21

    Late to the party but still enjoying these gift guides! Especially the on for guys, knowing how diffuclt they are to shop for! Thanks for sharing!


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