Well Happy Friday, and Hello March! Can you believe it’s March? I’ve got to say; this week went really fast. My Mr. Nine had a last-minute business trip that thank goodness he got home from last night. A college boy came home last night and we pick my mom up from the airport from her three-week Florida trip tomorrow. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week!! We’re itching closer to the spring time babes.

1. Boy Home
It was nice to enjoy some quality time with one of our college boys this past weekend. And I’m sure many of you saw my Insta stories where this guy requested a sweet treat when he came home of little balls.

2. ENERGY BITES aka "Little Balls"
The little balls he was referring to are my energy bites which I had not made in a while. I was so happy to dig the recipe back out and make these little balls of goodness which give you the best boost of protein. So I thought I would share the recipe here.

 What You'll need

1 cup of oatmeal
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup ground flaxseed
1/2 cup oat flour
1/3 cup honey
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1/2 cup chopped dates
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix this all together and refrigerate for an hour. Remove from the refrigerator and roll into balls, this recipe makes about 20 to 24 balls. They will keep in the refrigerator for a couple weeks but I like them best at room temperature. What I love about these, is they are so customizable. You could add in some protein power, some nuts, any kind of other grain, almond butter, etc. 

And, Speaking of energy, I had the BEST Protein Energy shake at a local Health Store this week called The Energy Well
All Natural and most Shakes are huge, only 175 calories and very low in sugar, using mostly stevia products. Excited to try more.
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3. Week's Attire 
NIKE's HERE // Hoodie HERE

NIKE's HERE // Similar Hoodie HERE

Grey Jeans  HERE // Henley HERE

I am so in love with this blonde sweatshirt! It is super comfy and also soft and I love how versatile the color is.
BUY Sweatshirt HERE // Shoes HERE // 
Camo Pants HERE // Earrings HERE

More Inspo
This is my friend, the incredible Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge where I first got the inspiration to order one of these puppies. Make sure you go check out her sweetness and style.

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Bling Hair Pins
You know I love me some hair accessories so I was so excited to get these darling bling hair pins at a fraction of the cost I have been seeing. You get to choose 2 for like 10 bucks.

The 2 I chose

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper
If you did not see this performance or one of the many replays from the Oscar ceremony Sunday night, you have no idea what you’re missing! Hands-down one of the best musical performances on the Oscars ever. It will give you chills. 

I hope your weekend is full of good Chills and Lots of Love!
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  1. Happy March! Spring is one step closer! Although, I just got an alert that the boys have a delayed opening. It looks like we got some more snow. Those energy bites sound like a great treat and so does that shake. Love that sweatshirt on you! I hope you have the best weekend and enjoy time with your college boy! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. I cannot believe it is March already. It's been feeling this year took off running...literally! I make similar protein balls, they are my favorite snack! Not only healthy but easy to make. Both my hubby and son loves them too which makes it a winner. That blonde sweatshirt is definitely cute! Love the burgundy color you picked though the white Ashley is wearing is nice and crisp too! Happy Friday Andrea and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead!

    Maureen |

  3. Where is that beautiful blue blazer from that you're wearing with your son? I love the color and it looks fab with the grey jeans! Spill the deets, lol!
    I need to make those "liitle balls" I have everything but the dates but that's an easy fix! I love those hair pins and can see you wearing those! Have a great weekend gorgeous!

  4. OH! I have not seen those hair pins! Take me back to the 80's baby with big sweatshirts and hair pins!! I"m so glad I get to share in your week! Give Vicki a big hug for me tomorrow! Love you! xoxo

  5. Those energy bites look delicious, it reminds me I have to make more of them as snacks for the week! Loving your grey jean look this week! Have a great weekend Andrea!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. I'm going to make those energy bites - what a great snack! Your blonde sweatshirt is darling and I love those fun hair pins! Have the best weekend Andrea!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. It's always nice when the boys request something specific, isn't it? It means they liked it enough to ask for it directly! I am so glad you got a little quality time. Have a superb weekend!

  8. Ooh thanks for the energy balls recipe! Those look good - and I'm sure they must be if you are getting requests for them! Love your purple blazer and light grey jeans outfit! So polished!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  9. It looks sunny where you are - we're expecting more snow. Glad you had fun with your son visiting!

  10. Those hair clips are so fun. I look forward to seeing how you style them.


  11. That performance on the Oscars - I watched nothing else, but can watch that video over & over - STEAMY!!! I just love Bradley Cooper anyways.
    I havent made Energy Bites in forever myself - I need to do that. Such a good snack

  12. I love the sweet photo of you and your son. It's so nice when they come home to visit from college. The bites look good and I like your outfits as usual. Have a great day and weekend.

  13. How sweet your son came home...I used to make some bars like your treats. I need to do that again. They are easy and so good for us!!
    I need to pull out my hair accessories...they are so fun, and yet I forget about them.
    Have a wonderful weekend Andrea!!

  14. Great minds think alike making energy bites ;) yours look so good! I love love love those hair pins you bought- can't wait to see how you style them. Have a great weekend my dear friend- xoxo!

  15. Aww so nice to have your son home and to treat him with some goodies. Those sound delish by the way! My baby comes home tomorrow (fingers crossed no weather issues!). Love that Blonde sweatshirt on you and those hair clips...cayute! That performance was amazing! They are magic together!

  16. I absolutely loved the performance from the Oscars, too. Pretty much the only reason I even watched it, haha! He needs to sing more!

  17. A. You're the cutest, as usual!
    B. Those energy balls seem like the perfect breakfast on the go!

  18. Loving your outfits for the week. I still haven't seen A Star is Born. I really need to.

  19. Happy March, sweet friend! I love the recipe for those energy balls! I think I can probably customize them to make them great for lactation, too, which is fantastic bc Lord knows I'll need that soon! Have the BEST weekend!

  20. I saw Lady Gaga on a talk show and she said they are NOT an item. She said they are both good actors. Hmmm...not so sure about that. Hope you have a great weekend with your college boy!

  21. I must have seen the Gaga/Brad clip a million times. And I could see it a million move. Love the blonde sweatshirt! I could use some of those energy balls right now. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Andrea.

  22. OMG Bradley and gaga was amazing! I will be making those balls of energy! Glad your people are home! Have a great weekend!

  23. Glad you got some good time with your boys this week! I need to try those energy balls... this would be the perfect after school snack for my little nuggets. Olivia LOVES peanut butter so she'd be all over them! Have a wonderful weekend, lady!

  24. my crew loves energy balls too although we've never had them with dates! I loved the Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper performance too! It was a good Oscars show!

  25. You know I love grey jeans - and the pop of purple is perfect! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  26. Omg, love the jeans that your paired with the purple blazer. It created a very classy look. You and your "boy-friend "( you can say that, everybody will believe.You are too young!) look cute!

  27. OK I thought your balls were the sames as my balls hahaha. I only use oats, honey, peanubutter, vanilla and chocolate chips. You need to send me some of yours! haha

  28. Your BLONDE sweatshirt is super cute! Love it paired with camo! Those shakes at the Energy Well sound AHmazing! And only 175 cal? Sign me up!

  29. Those energy bites sound delicious! How wonderful to have a boy home; I bet you're anxious to see your mom and hear all about her trip.

  30. Grey jeans + Andrea = perfection. Love your outfit worn with your son.
    Yes, Lady G and Bradley put together a moving and powerful performance, thanks for directing me to You Tube.
    Hugs, x.

  31. Those energy bites look delicious! I'm glad you got to spend some time with your son too!

  32. My daughter makes something similair to those energy balls. Think I'll give your recipe a try. Your son is the perfect blend of you and your husband. Sounds like a busy weekend ahead, enjoy!

  33. Pinned the "little balls" recipe. We've made one similar and KT loves them. Lady Gaga and Bradley ❤️❤️❤️. I know you'll be so happy to have your mama back and you get to have a college boy this weekend too. YAY!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! XOXO

  34. I love that Leopard print dress so much on you! Fabulous dress!

  35. Great roundup dear. Those energy bites looks so delish!

    Jessica |

  36. I love this picture with your sweet boy! That purple blazer is giving me all the heart eyes. I bet you will be so excited to see your momma today!

  37. So good you got some mom-son quality time! Love the Blonde sweater style. So sad I missed the Gaga and Bradley Cooper performance but I'm trying to get caught up on everything this weekend. I heard it was AHmazing tho! xo

  38. How fun to have the college boy home! I make some balls that are similar to that minus the dates. That sounds like a fun add in! Hope you have a great weekend!

  39. Those energy bites look so good!

  40. It's nice you got to spend time with your son. I'll have to try making those Energy Bites sometime soon.

  41. I look forward to finding the time to bake a little more now I have cut back on the blog. It's lovely to share your week xx Maria

  42. Sweet pics with your son! Isn't it the case we all have favorite foods we love from mom? Love your outfits, that leopard dress is stunning on you and the sporty look really suits you beautiful lady! Love the camo pants, I have those too! :-)
    jess xx


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