22 December 2023


Three more sleeps until Christmas. I think it’s just so cute when people say that I’m sure we will use it with the twins when they get older and their excitement mounts to Christmas Day! Just sharing some festive love on this last holiday Friday favorites! Was beyond bummed when we did not get to go into Chicago for some festive fun due to tons of yucky rain. I was so looking forward to all the outside events and special pop-ups. I guess it’ll have to be next year. But excited to show you this holiday love! 


1. Let’s Get Lit

Here it is the photo that graced the front of our Christmas card. Mr. Nine chose our outfits this year and again they were supposed to be for a party that got canceled but we were able to wear them to a holiday dinner. Doesn’t his bulb placement crack you up?

Here’s the back of the card. I don’t know about you other empty nesters, but it’s so hard b/c I still want to include my family, but it was impossible to get a group family photo this year, so I still included little snippets of them.



The lab results are in…they are indeed Identical Twins..a 30% chance even when in separate sacs.

Remember I got these Pink Onesies for the gender reveal, had 2 blue just in case.

2. Hood Brunch

I called this the hood brunch because it was my friends in the neighborhood coming over for a festive morning last Friday. We had a ball. Already looking forward to the next get together and two of the ladies are planning an around the world party which will be so much fun when the weather gets warmer! 

And my first attempt at a Brunch Breakfast Board.


3. Lights with Mom 

Then that night, my mom and I attended the Christmas light viewing at our Wellfield Botanical Gardens. It was such a lovely night, not bitter cold and the lights were gorgeous.

4. Festive Outfits Lately

Cardigan HERE // Pants HERE // Rhinestone Corset Bra HERE // Shoes HERE // Belt HERE // Earrings HERE

Vest HERE // Pants HERE // V-Neck Tee HERE // Shoes HERE

Top HERE // Pants HERE  // Shoes HERE

5. Misc. Fun


Monday ~ Festive Christmas Mimosas

Wednesday ~ Chicwish for all Seasons


LOVE taking all my treats to family and friends!


Yesterday we had Mr. Nine sisters’ family over and I had already wrote this before their visit but it was good times no doubt. Love them. Stella anxiously awaits everyone's arrival on her "red pillow."

Speaking of LOVE! I love and adore you all so so much for taking the time to browse my little space of the Internet! Wishing you the most blessed Christmas and New Year ahead! I just know there are good things in store!


My Gift: Having all my Family here!!!

20 December 2023


What a year. Sharing Chicwish is a treat because I not only do I love their fashions, but I feel like there’s something for all seasons and so many pieces that can work all year long. Chicwish offers a wide variety of classy and trendy clothing that falls into all different style categories—there’s something for everyone for every season. 


Today, I'll talk about why I Love Chicwish, some Q&A about the brand and I'll show you my latest, gorgeous pieces from them!


Who Is Chicwish for?

Chicwish is designed for anyone who is looking to add some affordable, classic options to their outfit rotation. 

On top of that, theirclothing is always an ideal option when it comes to the workplace and special events. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, the brand offers clear subsections that make it easier to find things you’re interested in and a gift card from Chicwish is always a good idea. How beautiful is this Embroidered Dress

Why do I LOVE Chicwish?

I love Chicwish for several reasons. The biggest reason being the vast selection. You can find so many cute pieces on trend, and oh so stylish. They have fun everyday pieces and I love the feminine touches. Things are affordable and well made. Textures and fabrics are fun especially their knits and fun tulle skirts. I mean this outfit is the epitome of cuteness Chicwish offers with the Tulle Skirt and knit very on trend Cardigan Sweater. I love it! 

And how about this knit, what I call a Twofer Jacket. I love the windowpane design, and that attached hood. 

How I love this Open Front Knit Cardigan.

What to Know When Shopping at Chicwish

After shopping at Chicwish for years, I have learned a few tips that make the process easy for me. That means minimal to no “fails” with items as can often happen when shopping online and that’s because I do the following:

-Take your Measurements! Make a note on your phone and store the measurements. Order pieces only by those measurements, not your typical size. Sizing can vary, and you don’t want to end up in the wrong one. 


That tip really helped me when selecting the size on this gorgeous beautifully colorful Cut Out Embroidery Midi dress. 


And This Dress too. It’s always great to know the length. 

-Carefully review the item photos. I always look at all photos and use the magnifier to look at the material, quality, and detailing. 

-Read the description thoroughly. Is the item lined? Are you okay paying for it if it isn’t? Look for details like that which would matter to you.

-Check reviews and photos posted of people wearing the item. When available, they are very helpful.


The description on this Turtleneck Batwing Sleeve Sweater really solidified it going in my cart and was spot on!

What is the Chicwish Return Policy?

I know return policies vary and are changing amoungst many brands. You can read the full return policy here. Essentially you can return your items within 30 days from the date the item was shipped to you. Returns are free for US and UK customers. 


Chicwish Shopping Experience

To sum my end of 2023 Chicwish review up, I have had an overall positive shopping experience in the 9 years I have been using the website. I hope you found these tips helpful! 

This Tiered Dress is a year round winner for sure!

Hunter Green is having a moment and this Sweater Dress with the blouson sleeves really wowed me. 


Tell me your favorite pieces. 

Have a Beautiful Day my loves!
See ya Friday!

18 December 2023


I was so excited to make these Christmas Mimosas, and I must admit I drank two in an afternoon. They are just so beautiful and festive and so easy to make. You will WOW your guests.

These new silicone extra-large Ice Cube Tray are the bomb. I remember a few years ago, Mr. Nine’s BFF got him some of the round whiskey familiar glass ice cube molds and I was smitten. These are a whole new level because you can add so many fun things to your cubes. I got mine for six bucks at Kohl’s and I’m starting to see them all over. 

Since it’s the 12 days of Christmas, I thought it would be fun to add 12 cranberries to each mold and it was perfect. I used two different juices and that’s what’s awesome you could use one you could use three and you could literally use whatever juices you wanted. I chose apple and cranberry pomegranate, and they were delicious.

The coupe Campagne Glasses are absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted some of these and these are some of the prettiest I’ve seen from Amazon.


In case you want another festive cocktail recipe, check out the Reindeer Mules that I made HERE!

Christmas Mimosas Recipe


*Rosemary Sprigs

*2 Juices, I used Apple & Cran-Pomegranate 

*Prosecco (or Sparkling Grape Juice for a non-alcoholic version)


Fill your molds with 12 cranberries each. Add equal parts of each juice. Add rosemary sprigs and freeze until set or ready to use. Carefully push out cubes and place in glasses. Pour Prosecco over about 3/4 full and enjoy! 

Glasses HERE // Ice Cube Molds HERE & HERE
Order now and they will be here in plenty of time for Christmas!

Christmas Mimosas Please🥂

What’s your favorite Holiday Beverage? 

Cheers my Dears!

15 December 2023


Santa’s arrival is getting way too close my friends! Unfortunately, my December didn’t really get real festive until today when I host a brunch for friends this morning! I’m so excited! Oh, wait, we did have Mr. Nine’s work dinner on Wednesday night at Ruth’s Chris! And then there’s the botanical lights tonight and hopefully fingers and toes crossed not only can Mr. Nine and I do something festive this weekend, but finally see the twins since our sickness. We gave it a good two weeks just to be safe from seeing them.


1. Twins
It sure did make me smile to get pictures of them. It always does but even extra while we were sick. Don’t they look like precious dolls in these pictures?

2. Stella Mae Turns 2
Speaking of cuties, our precious, Stella Mae turned two on Monday! I can’t believe she left the sunglasses on. The tutu kept falling off, but we sure did get some cute pictures! Our lil Diva.
Personalized Party Hat HERE // Tutu HERE // Sunglasses HERE

Remember when she was just 2 MONTHS?!

3. Outfits Lately
I didn’t actually wear these outfits out, but hopefully I will. It was to make an Instagram video showcasing the metallic flats I showed you last week from Cecilia New York. But let me note how cool the Rhinestone Bra is! It’s kind of like a corset from Amazon, so well-made, and just super sparkly and cool!
Sweater HERE // Bra HERE// Skirt HERE // Bag HERE // Shoes HERE

Sweater HERE // Shorts HERE // Tights HERE // Bag HERE // Shoes HERE

Sweater Similar Here // Pants HERE // Bag HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Oh The Dinner
We had a Christmas Party to attend Wednesday night. I wanted to get dressed up but Mr. Nine had his heart set on wearing out matching “Lights” outfits. More on these outfits next week. They were a huge hit, and the party was so much fun this is one of only a couple pics snapped. I’ll take festiveness form Mr. Nine wherever I can get it! lol

5. Misc. Fun
Monday....In case you missed it, 
My Favorite Post of the Year:


Can you believe I won another IG giveaway!! 

So excited to win this Bag from In Style by Katy page. It's a beauty!

Exact Bag HERE



(I'll be back Monday in the Kitchen!)