18 December 2023


I was so excited to make these Christmas Mimosas, and I must admit I drank two in an afternoon. They are just so beautiful and festive and so easy to make. You will WOW your guests.

These new silicone extra-large Ice Cube Tray are the bomb. I remember a few years ago, Mr. Nine’s BFF got him some of the round whiskey familiar glass ice cube molds and I was smitten. These are a whole new level because you can add so many fun things to your cubes. I got mine for six bucks at Kohl’s and I’m starting to see them all over. 

Since it’s the 12 days of Christmas, I thought it would be fun to add 12 cranberries to each mold and it was perfect. I used two different juices and that’s what’s awesome you could use one you could use three and you could literally use whatever juices you wanted. I chose apple and cranberry pomegranate, and they were delicious.

The coupe Campagne Glasses are absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted some of these and these are some of the prettiest I’ve seen from Amazon.


In case you want another festive cocktail recipe, check out the Reindeer Mules that I made HERE!

Christmas Mimosas Recipe


*Rosemary Sprigs

*2 Juices, I used Apple & Cran-Pomegranate 

*Prosecco (or Sparkling Grape Juice for a non-alcoholic version)


Fill your molds with 12 cranberries each. Add equal parts of each juice. Add rosemary sprigs and freeze until set or ready to use. Carefully push out cubes and place in glasses. Pour Prosecco over about 3/4 full and enjoy! 

Glasses HERE // Ice Cube Molds HERE & HERE
Order now and they will be here in plenty of time for Christmas!

Christmas Mimosas Please🥂

What’s your favorite Holiday Beverage? 

Cheers my Dears!


  1. Those look delicious, and I love how festive! :)

  2. What a fabulous holiday drink! So pretty! I need to check out those glasses from Amazon because we have been looking for pretty coupe glasses.

  3. Oh yum! You always make the best cocktails :)

  4. They are so festive and fun!

  5. Christmas morning mimosas are my fav and these are almost too pretty! <3

  6. Oh. I just love how you did this and it's so festive.

  7. Anonymous18.12.23

    I have been wanting to get some decorative ice cube trays, just because I've been seeing so many cute ideas for them. I LOVE this, Andrea! So cute and festive. I'm all about the little add ons to make a drink even more yummier/cute!


  8. These are so pretty! I love how festive this looks!

  9. Gosh how I wish I had this when we threw our party a few weeks ago!! Sounds so delicious and party perfect! xoxo


  10. This is the perfect and pretty holiday drink. Cheers Andrea!

  11. The second I saw this I knew I had to make them for Christmas Eve! So pretty and festive!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  12. Glad I have to run out today for a few "last minute" stocking items - I am going to pick up a bag of cranberries and an ice cube tray mold too!!

  13. Anonymous23.12.23

    I can't wait to make these cubes this Christmas season. Thank you for sharing.


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