04 December 2023


It’s heeerrree! The Stocking Stuffers Guide not only for men and women, but for kiddos too! All affordable, recipient approved and many; just plain Amazon FUN!! Linking up for the last time this year with the awesome Tanya for her monthly Prime Link-Up!

I did it a little different and numbered the items in the collages so you can find link better.


This first one for the guys, includes almost everything purchased for the guys I buy for. Great stuff! Especially the Craftsman Ratcheting Screwdriver (Mr. Nine LOVES this) and the Carhartt Beanie (Fav to give of all time and they wear them!) LOVE the Yellowstone Bunkhouse Soap.


Look at all this fun stuff for the kiddos. Gosh, I even want some of it, lol! Give me all the Fidget Spinners, Mini Simons and Holiday Scented Pencils! And the Hot Dog Card Game is so fun!

Such sweet stocking stuffer ideas for the gals, including preteens and teens. I just got some of the Fuzzy Socks, Candy Bath Bombs and Jergen's Body Wash (SMELLS SO GOOD!)

Bonus: The Cutest FACE MASKS you ever did see!!!! And what a steal! 12 of them for $19. Amazing reviews. Natural ingredients! WIN WIN. Break em’ up for stockings!

AND OUR BEAUTIFUL SON, Now Also Called Daddy, has a Birthday today!!!
So Proud!

Get that shopping done my LOVES!

In case you missed it, Gift Guide for Him HERE 

and For Her HERE


  1. So many cute gifts ideas Andrea! Happy birthday to your son!

  2. There are some fabulous ideas on here and happy birthday to your son!

  3. Oh those girls are just too precioius! I am going to snag some of those facemaks for my girls-thanks for sharing!

  4. Stocking stuffer ideas are so hard as the years go on! Love all of these cute Christmas ideas. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy too! Love ya xo


  5. I always love the stocking stuffers. They are small things that pack a punch.
    Great ideas Andrea,

  6. So many great ideas for stockings!

  7. Lots of great ideas!

  8. Anonymous4.12.23

    Great stocking stuffers, especially for the guys! What a fun Christmas y'all will have with those sweet twins! Thanks for linking up. :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your son! Looking like a great little Daddy for his girls!!!

    OHH - I see pens! You know I'm clicking on that!!!!
    Happy monday friend!

  10. Great suggestions- thanks so much for sharing! HBD to your Sweet Boy too!

  11. These ideas are so good! Happy birthday to your handsome son!

    Jill- Doused in Pink

  12. Anonymous5.12.23

    I saw the Simon game on the kids list. But I’m buying it for my adult daughters. They loved that as kids. I thought they would get a kick out of it. Fun!❤️

  13. Anonymous5.12.23

    Those masks are SO cute and these are all fun ideas! Happy Birthday, to your sweet son! XO, Caroline

  14. Great ideas as always, Andrea! Happy Birthday, belated, to your sweet son and new papa!

  15. Anonymous5.12.23

    Those face masks are so fun and perfect for the holidays! HBD to your son!


  16. Anonymous5.12.23

    These are all such great stocking stuffers! I need to pick up a few more things for hubby. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I love finding great stocking stuffers. I'll be checking some of these links out! Happy Birthday to your a daddy to those sweet baby girls!

  18. Oh I had those glow in the dark stars on my ceiling when I was little! I love that so much!! And happy belated birthday to your boy! I'm behind on blog reading, so I'm still catching up! I just love that picture of him with the babies!


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