14 June 2023


It’s no secret I’m a fan of Wooden Ships Knits for many reasons. Here’s the funny thing, their beautifully handcrafted sweaters can be worn any time of the year, but I gravitate more towards them in the summer months because of all the beach and relaxing vibes they give off! But of course, don’t get me started on all the Christmas festive goodness. There’s literally something for everyone and I adore how they look and feel on. The fit is always perfect.

You know how much I love the beach and aren’t the colors in this SWEATER just perfect! So many styling possibilities and all the shades just remind you of water! Love the Multi V-Neck cotton drape.



Wooden Ship’s obsessive attention to finding the best fit, to creating lasting quality, and to providing stellar customer service - all combined with their love for cool, casual-chic style - has brought them many devoted followers.

Wooden Ships is more than that - they are also wild about beautiful meals, spontaneous road trips, long novels, and great music. Just like us, they like to hike, bike, explore, and grow.

They are passionate about family, friends, community, our planet and giving back.

It’s all connected. It’s what most of us want.

You know I like to get my Fourth of July festive on and could this FLAG SWEATER be any more perfect! Whether you’re having a picnic, watching the fireworks, or if it’s a cool day at the parade, grab this Americana sweater, and you’ll look dynamite!


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So many FUN sweaters to be styling!!

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  1. They are my favorite sweaters of all time. I typically don't wear sweaters EXCEPT for these- I have so many- I can't buy more- ha! I have one with a bunny on it for Easter time, a plain off white one and then two different patriotic ones for summer. I think I have a problem ;)

  2. I just adore these cute sweaters! That beach one is so pretty with the different colors.

  3. Wooden Ships has the best sweaters. Both of these are so cute! I love your festive July 4th picnic spread!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. They are so cute!

  5. Some of the boutiques near the beach we go to carry these sweaters and they feel absolutely dreamy! You are ready to rock the 4th of July in that cute sweater!

  6. I want one of these so bad but I'm just too cheap! Ha! Maybe I will get lucky and find one at my consignment shop - ha - not likely! I wanted one for Cinco de Mayo that said tequila, I think! I also love the beach ones and they are the perfect light sweater for Michigan or the boat!

  7. I have never heard of these sweaters. I guess I've been living under a rock ;). I will check them out. The "Beach" one looks SO GOOD with the blue of the water and sky behind you. Perfection. And I'd love a patriotic sweater. I have some tees but no patriotic sweater.

  8. That beach sweater is perfect!

  9. These sweaters are so cute! I love the slouchy look of them!

  10. That flag sweater is so cute. If I didn't already have my 4th of July outfit, I'd grab it!! :)


  11. Anonymous14.6.23

    Both sweaters are really cute and perfect for the summer! I also love these beautiful photos of you my friend! Xoxo Caroline

  12. Anonymous15.6.23

    The sweater do give an awesome beach vibe! They would be perfect for our yearly Thanksgiving beach vacay!

  13. I just love their sweaters and have one too.


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