09 June 2023


Happy Friday my sweet babes! It has been the most glorious weather here this week! We had a major mishap with our pool last weekend, but thank goodness for pool store connections, and our sweet friends that came out and got everything in shape on Monday. Bless them and Bless my Dermatologist....

1. Skin Cancer Margins Clear
....He got all the skin cancer on the first cut. Now I do have a big gouge in my leg but I’ll take good care of it, my friend gave me some wonderful healing cream, and hopefully there won’t be too big of a scar.

One day post times.....STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS

2. Nail Polish
Oh, and many of you asked about the nail polish I was wearing when I shared my leg and an Instagram story. It’s my favorite especially for the toenails from Essie called watermelon. Found the BEST Price HERE.

3. Walmart Clothes Finds

I see everyone sharing Walmart clothes, but I haven’t really found that many this year except for these two. This TOP is the prettiest shade of blue by Sofia Vegara. Only $20

Top HERE// Shorts HERE // Sandals HERE // Necklace Set HERE
And This Dress is under 18 and oh so flowy and cool with pockets!

4. Flowers
Just a couple of my current posies.
Proven Winners Superbena Sparkling Amethyst

Proven Winners At Last Rose

5. Misc. Fun



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  1. You are blue-utiful in your cute blue styles. Your flowers are so beautiful! and continue to heal sweet friend! Have a great day!

  2. So glad that the margins are clear and you are good to go! I need to find that top from Walmart and still dying over those roses. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Oh those memes!!! LOL!
    Thank goodness your margins are clear and I'm sure that pretty leg of yours will heal up perfectly. My goodness those flowers are BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a super sweet weekend, love ya!

  4. I am so glad they got all of that! It will heal in no time. I hope you have a fabulous Friday!

  5. I'm so glad that your margins are clear! Your leg will heal in no time. Your flowers are stunning!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I am glad your procedure went well and your flowers are beautiful as always!

  7. What a cute blue top, gorgeous flowers and wonderful news about the margins!

  8. Glad your surgery was successful- you and your blooms are just beautiful!

  9. Anonymous9.6.23

    I am so happy that your margins are clear and I hope that your leg heals quickly. Your flowers are just gorgeous and I love that bright blue top! Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  10. Glad to hear the margins are clear. Hope healing goes well.

  11. I am glad everything went well and you are in the clear with the skin cancer. What a relief for you.
    What a cute top, the colour really is pretty.

  12. That blue top is so pretty. Glad to hear you are in the clear with skin cancer! I have those same looking roses but at this point I only have a few buds and no blooms. I can't wait for them to start though.

  13. Oh man, I'm so sorry about your skin cancer! I've had to go have atypical moles removed twice this month (and now need to schedule them to go back again because the atypical margins go deeper). But thankfully it's all preventative! It's good to share so people take it all seriously.

  14. Speedy recovery! It's a pretty big wound though. Had to laugh about the crocs, so ugly.

  15. Anonymous10.6.23

    Sending healing prayers and love for your leg.
    I haven't found much at Walmart but I don't try much either!

  16. I'm so glad your doc was able to get all of the skin cancer out! I'm praying I never have to experience the same thing. I love the sun so much and I spend a lot of time outside during the summer, but I try to be safe and I always wear sunscreen, so I pray it does its job! I hope everything heals quickly for you!

  17. Andrea, I'm glad to hear that the dr. was able to remove the skin cancer. I grew up at the beach and was sun worshiper. I have had my skin tested for so many spots but thankfully they have come back negative. I am so careful now with applying sunscreen under my makeup and when I go to the beach! Those are pretty outfits and flowers.


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