18 February 2022

FRIDAY FAVORITES...Gingham Love Edition

Well it warmed up to 50 degrees, melted all the snow then we got blasted yesterday with more white stuff! But I’ve got so much fun planned the next 4 days including two tiny trips (please roads be safe) to see beloved friends and lots of goodness in between. 
So, let’s hop to it with some Fun Friday Favs!

1. Roses & Meatloaf

Simple Valentine's recap: Mr. Nine and I don’t do a huge production out of Valentine’s Day anymore and don’t even go out. I make my heart shaped meatloaf (here it is below ready togo in the oven), Mr. Nine gave me a plethora of beautifully colored roses. And I was so excited because I had gotten this new white VASE as I wanted kind of an elevated basic base and this one is perfect.

2. Thymes Fragrances
Our home has never smelled so good with Thymes Fragrances! Our home is our haven and I love filling ours with sweet and enticing fragrances to enhance the comfort of home. I am so in love with this brand and recently got some products to refresh for spring. Right now, the scents I am in love with are the Mandarin Coriander, Aqua Coraline and Washed Linen. The Statement Poured Candle in Washed linen burns so smoothly. I put the Aqua Coralline hand soap and hand lotion in our guest bath, and it looks so pretty in there with the wave wall. I can I just say, the Mandarin Coriander Countertop Spray  might be my favorite kitchen spray ever! And I’m already excited about fall to try their Heirlum Pumpkin and Simmered Cider!

3. Gigi's Boutique

I have the most fabulous online boutique for you named Gigi's Boutique! My friend Gigi from Tennessee and her daughter-in-law have the best taste. I’ve been following her now for a while on Instagram and proud to call her friend. Here’s some of her cuteness with this Pink Chambray Top, wipe the vintage wash Jeans and Waffle Knit Top called I’m lucky, lol! GiGi has offered my followers a code for 15% off everything on her website and she has tons of stuff!


4. Gingham
Oh, how I love me some sweet gingham! I think pink gingham especially just signals come on Spring! And both these items are under $25 from Walmart and oh so cute!


5. Misc. Fun
Tuesday ~ Nautical Spring Feels with Chicos


Our baby girl has been home now two weeks and she is absolutely thriving! She keeps us laughing all the time and is the sweetest girl! On Monday's Blog post, I talked about bringing our girl home and just think about all the fun we’re going to have! This week she was full of it including dropping a #2 in the middle of the walk-in shower. Hey, at least, it's easy clean up, lol. I won't share a poop photo, I promise, lol.

Woke up from a nap on her favorite toys


Have a Fun Weekend Friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that coffee - YES! I remember thinking how elegant it was - ha!! Good memories! That little Stella Mae is the cutest and those puppy shenanigans will keep you laughing.
    I love that denim from Gigi's! That wide leg trend is BIG and I am falling for it!
    Stay safe sweetie, sending bunches of hugs from not too far away today!

  2. Mr Nine did a good job with those beautiful roses! Love your vase too! Those wide leg jeans are so cute on you and you know I'm loving all of the pink pieces!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. We got hit with quite a bit of snow yesterday too... and wind! Sheesh! I hope the crews are able to clear the roads before you head out. Stella is cute as can be, so I can imagine it would be hard to stay mad at her when she has an accident. Enjoy your weekend, Andrea!

  4. Love your pink gingham and that fabulous vase. I do remember that coffee, lol. I thought I was really something when I had it. Have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Those flowers are so pretty! Love the vase too! The Aqua Coralline items look and sound amazing!

  6. I really like that waffle top!

  7. I still remember the commercial for those coffees. Yes they were the pinnacle of fanciness back in the day! Stella is soooo sweet! Keep the photos coming. I love hearing about her shenanigans! I'm a fan of pink gingham too. Those fragrances must be amazing in your house! Stay safe this weekend!

  8. I have a pink and white gingham shirt like that and I love it! Gingham will always have my heart... it's a southern staple so it never goes out of style here!

  9. International Coffee - LOL... YESSS!!!!
    I'm not a fan of wide leg pants (on me) but those denim ones are ADORABLE!!!!!!!
    Puppies.. .man oh man.. they are into EVERYTHING

  10. Thymes scents are to-die-for! have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Can never have enough Stella!!! Love your gingham shirt and dress. So perfect to start transitioning to spring with. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Lol to that last funny, so true. How courteous of Stella to poop on a rinseable surface! She is just too sweet! Love you in that gingham. Have a wonderful weekend and my fingers are crossed for safe roads!

  13. Love those outfits and someone please bring spring here haha. See you soon my friend! XO,Caroline

  14. It was in the 50's here yesterday and today and raining so all the snow is gone but I can already see some in the forecast... I kind of hate these teasings of spring. You look so pretty in pink!

  15. I'm so in love with gingham, and so glad it's trending this spring!!

  16. Andrea... that pink gingham dress is positively precious!! Millie loves tearing up paper towels!!! Have a great fun-filled weekend. Fingers crossed for safe roads!!

  17. Oh yes, it is gingham time again and I love it! Stella May is so terrible cute. I'll bet you forgive her everything.

  18. That meatloaf heart is so pretty. Way to make a themed valentine's dinner. I love the pink gingham shirt. So cute. Stella Mae is sooo darling.


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