22 January 2021


Where there is change, there must be hope in there somewhere. Let’s hope for the best as we move forward. All I will say about this week. Happy Friday Babes. Considering most weekends, we don’t go anywhere, I am so excited for a trip to Indianapolis tomorrow with our kids to see our Indy resident son. Going to be freezing cold but we’ll make the most of it!


1. Red Heart Waffle Maker
Ok, I love red and I am missing all the red in my house from the holidays because I don’t use it as an accent color anymore, but it always looks so good against all of my gray and white. As you saw I did decorate the porch for Valentine’s Day and a little bit in the dining room, but I am all about hearts! I finally got one of these little waffle makers to make chaffles and I think this would be the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. 
It is so stinking cute! And a great deal HEREHERE and this extra cute one HERE.

so cute

2. Red Shoe Gifts

Let’s talk red shoes! My mom and I have a tradition where every Christmas we get each other one small gift with the red shoe motif. Well, this year she was not able to get out and shop as much and I kind of forgot about it so she made me a red shoe out of cookie dough, hilarious! But anyway I shared these at Christmas time as great stocking stuffers and I got my mom the Magnets. I think these are the cutest little Valentine gift ideas for the females in your life!


3. Week's Attire
Moto Jacket HERE // Boots HERE // Headband HERE // Jeans HERE  

Pom Hat HERE // Scarf  HERE // Vest HERE // Pink Sweater HERE // Sneakers HERE // 
Similar Leggings HERE

Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE // 
Boots HERE

4. Swiss Dot Dress

The name of this Swiss Dot Dress from Mint Julep Boutique is You’re Mine and rightly so because I am so glad it is mine. It is SOOO Cute. Surpassed all my expectations; Comfy, lined, rouching at the sleeves. So many ways to style it, but here I wanted some rose gold accessories and a cute pink bandana and wa-la I match my Valentine Porch, lol.

Rose Gold Sandals HERE
This faux fur Heart Bag is from my dear friend at Maluniers. It comes in 3 colors, is very affordable and would make a great Valentine gift for the ladies in your life. She even offers gift bundles on these. You may remember Maluniers is the great shop where I got my beautiful Reversible Poncho.

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Oh My Stars


Isn’t this Valentine Tree precious. Follow @theluxmylife on Instagram 

for more cuteness.

And Jennifer from Turtle Creek Lane killed it this year with the 

BEST Valentine’s foyer yet.


and this...I LOVE candles

Stay warm and may your weekend be sweet!

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  1. Oh my goodness, that Valentine's foyer is amazing!!! Holy cow! Lots of red goodness today but I love that champagne moto jacket you wore. Have a great time in Indy sweet friend - love ya!

  2. Gorgeous Andrea- Red is so your color....and I can't get enough of the Bernie memes- I am dying! Have a great weekend XO

  3. You look fabulous in red!

  4. Have fun with your kids and getting away. That sounds amazing! Love that red dress/pink furry bag combo on you!! Those memes are great. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. LD would think that waffle maker is super fun. Have fun in Indy with the guys!

  6. We love our dash waffle maker!! I mentioned it on my post today too!! We have the mini and the large, but I would love to get one of the more festive ones!! The heart is so cute!! I love your dress and the heart bag!! So cute!! You have such great style!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. As usual, looking good, girl! πŸ‘πŸ»

    I love me some red too, Andrea! πŸ’—

  8. Have a wonderful time in Indianapolis! Love this chic red dress and loving these Valentine's items.

  9. The title of your post has the song The Red by Chevelle stuck in my head now! Out of all the months I was strict keto, I never made chaffles. Can you believe it? That little heart maker is so cute! I LOVE that red dot dress and heart purse. What a fun and festive outfit! Hope you have a great weekend with the Indy boy!

  10. That swiss dot dress is so good on you! Hope you have the best weekend! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  11. That red dress looks so fab on you! I also love that moto jacket outfit. Have a wonderful weekend friend! XO, Caroline

  12. I love heart items so much!

  13. Those Bernie memes have been making me laugh so hard these past few days! Definitely one of the best things to come out of this week! I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. That dress on you, Andrea! SO beautiful!!! You need to wear it on a date night with Mr. Nine for sure. Have the happiest weekend.

  15. Oh I just love this dress!! And you!! Have fun on your trip this weekend!

  16. I sit in my towel way too long after the shower. I love that red dress on you. So cute and festive!!!

  17. You look so pretty in that red dress. Enjoy the weekend Andrea.

  18. Oh you are such a Valentine doll! Have a great weekend cutie pie! xx

  19. Anonymous22.1.21

    Some of your followers would disagree with this change giving us hope. Keep your site nonpolitical if you want to keep your following.

    1. FYI ANONYMOUS: that sentence was NOT necessary political. Obviously red....hint hint and who cares about followers. I care about PEOPLE! You must not leaving a comment like that based on assumptions. Ya know I could’ve deleted what you anonymously wrote here but I want all my friends to see just what is the problem with this world.

  20. You look so good in the blush and teal. Love it. That heart waffle maker is adorable. I just know once I have grands, I'll have to have them in every shape. LOL Enjoy seeing your boy and have a safe trip. XO

  21. That purse?? OMG how cute is that??
    Since our anniversary is on Valentine's day, my aunt had bought us a pancake griddle where it makes the pancakes in the shape of hearts. I just used it but I should pull it out again.
    Have a great weekend,

  22. You know I love that heart bag! That red dress is stunning on you! Have a fabulous weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Such great outfits as always Andrea. You look amazing!
    ~Melissa xx

  24. That last meme with the dog in the towel could be my oldest daughter! She hates having to get dressed after showers or baths! Haha! Love your pretty red dress on you! You look gorgeous!

  25. I love following Turtle Creek Lane! Her home is amazing and always THE most festive! I don't know how she comes up with new themes every single year. Hope you have the best weekend girlie! Happy Friday! xo


  26. Oh my word! What a decorations. Love it all.

  27. Red is your color. That dress is fabulous on you

  28. Such a fun post, Andrea! Love all the cute pieces and that adorable red dress with the pink faux fur bag is SO cute! Your memes are always so much fun to read and make me smile on Friday evenings! Happy weekend,

    xx Darlene

  29. Love all the cute stuff you shared. I used to have red accents in my home and sometimes I miss them too.

  30. I love that dress so much!! And those Bernie memes are life.

  31. Fabulous little red dress, Andrea! And I love all those cute little memes lol, especially the dog!!
    Suzy xxx

  32. Your post really makes me smile - love the meme images, especially the fashion one with Bernie

  33. I have been loving red this year. The little waffle maker is adorable.


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