30 November 2018


Ahh Friday my sweet friends! I feel like the holiday festiveness has officially started this week! And I just want to hold it in time. I’m trying to savor each and every moment. I hope you are too and I hope your weekend is all things amazing and cozy!

1. Family Fun Day
As you probably know from my stories, the two college boys headed back but I’ll be seeing them again before you know it and have them home for almost a month! This past weekend we had such a fun family day out. A local brewery has this awesome small plate feast. They make all kinds of unusual and delightful dishes and you can grab as many as you want. Plus, it’s the spot that has my beloved reindeer mule cocktail! However, for some odd reason because it’s oh so popular, they are not calling it a reindeer mule they’re now calling it a cranberry mule. Bah humbug brewery, lol. 

Friend Fun Day
Wednesday, I got to enjoy a holiday lunch at a quaint little café boutique that I had mentioned Wednesday on the blog called Birds Gotta Fly! My dear friend Kim and I have known each other almost 20 years and are so much alike that she enjoyed this place as much as I did. I did not get a food picture but our lunch at the café consisted of a yummy spinach poppy seed salad, a turkey pesto Panini and a Cuban latte. We shopped a little too and just had to both get this adorable truck sign. As we both live on the river and in the woods, LOL!

Kim got me the CUTEST slippers!! Sparkly, Cozy Fun! 
BUY Sparkle Slippers HERE

2. Holiday Find
Tiered Cheese Tray
This tiered cheese tray! Some of you may have seen how cute my Turkey cheese ball turned out. This was the first time I had used the tray that my mom got me last Christmas from Amazon. It is so freaking darling, I will be using it all the time!


3. Week's Attire
This first outfit of the week is getting a big picture because I love it that much!! Even Mr. Nine loved it! It’s the Knock off PULLOVER from Amazon and I got it during lightning deal for $15 and it really is THAT good that I may pay full price for more!! So soft! 
Pullover HERE// Shoes HERE

 Top HERE // Boots HERE // Similar Vest HERE

Hoodie HERE (It's a Fav too!) //
 Sneakers HERE (also a Favorite!)

4. Plaid Dress & Hunter Boots
How festive is this dress? One of my Favorite Dresses ever!! I like styling with a slouchy hat too. And the Hunter's just worked!

More Inspo

Last TBB ASKS link-up of the year on Monday and of course, the Holiday ones are always fun! 

Post from The Week
In case you missed any posts, this week was a goodie…Monday was The Christmas Bedroom Reveal, Tuesday was my recipe from Bacon & Chicken Chowder and Wednesday was the Holiday Look with my gold skirt and chambray.

 LOFT Earrings
These earrings from The Loft! I saw them in the store and was swooning but no sale at the time. So, when these puppies went on 50% off, I scooped them up and love them! That’s the reflection from my chandelier in the top part, lol.

The Finished Tray
Oh Target Dollar spot, sometimes you are just so, pardon the pun, “spot on!” It is not every time I go to Target that I find just the right stuff at the Dollar spot, but this week I found two of the sweetest little gems for my Christmas tiered Tray!!. Just look at this little red truck in Santa hat, a dollar each!

My your weekend be full of sparkle and cookies!!

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  1. I know you can’t wait to have your boys home for almost a month!!
    Lunch with friends is just good for the soul!!
    I just added that cheese tray to my Amazon cart.

  2. I think I need that tiered cheese tray in my life :) You look amazing every day- such an inspiration! You must be so excited about your boys coming home too- have a great weekend Andrea! Holly @ Pink Lady

  3. This post just brings a smile to my face!From your family fun day to your trip to Birds Gotta Fly and the cutest truck from Target - so much goodness! None as good as you though sweet friend! Your outfits are precious as can be!
    Love ya!

  4. you tiered tray is so darn festive!! And I think you may have convinced me I need that pullover. It looks so cute on you!!

    1. Ugh so many typos! Your* tiered tray is so darn* festive. That’s better. :)

  5. Your cheese trays look amazing! That turkey came out so good too! I started to feel the Christmas feels last night so I’m all in now lol Happy Friday!!

  6. I bet having your boys home was just the best!! I am so excited for the holiday season and it looks like you are ready for all the festivities! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  7. Love your Christmas edition! There time of year is so special - it always makes me smile! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  8. So much fun holiday joy!! Yay for seeing your boys soon again! Happy Friday!

  9. I love the family pictures. Your son in the baseball hat is looking so much like your hubby. I guess it's the beard. I love that cheese tray, and it went straight on my wish list. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I need to add that cheese tray to my Amazon cart! That truck sign is the cutest! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  11. That cheese tray is so neat and I LOVE your tiered tray -- you have such an eye for decor. LOVE it!

  12. That pullover was an AWESOME find and such a great deal! Have a fabulous weekend!!

    Rosy Outlook

  13. I love your Christmas tray and also the tiered tray! That would make a lovely gift for someone! Those slippers are fabulous!!!! Have a beautiful weekend :) :)

  14. A friend of mine and I have been trying for ONE month now to make a lunch date happen and it always falls through - so glad some girls out there are getting to complete a lunch date LOL! What a cute little store! xo

  15. Those are some flashy slippers! I like that cheese platter. That would be great for parties.

  16. So many outfit ideas and I LOVE that tiered cheese stand. The turkey cheese ball is TOO cute!

  17. I love the red truck things! That plaid dress is so cute. Happy weekend!

  18. Oh, plaid, how do I love thee!

  19. Your lunch sounds amazing. I love your plaid dress. I also love the red truck stuff. What a fun list of favorites that must have left your heart full! Happy weekend!

  20. I saw that turkey cheese ball and thought it was absolutely the bomb, Andrea. I can't believe how creative you are!!

  21. I totally just bought that tiered cheese tray because I *always* trust your product recommendations these days (I live in my AE Cloudspun sweater!) I think it will get lots of use during the holidays, and it's my gift to my mama, too. I know she'll love it. As always, you're gorgeous, and thank you for sharing tidbits of your beautiful life!

  22. Oh my gosh, you make me want to wear more red! You look so great in this color. And why on earth would the rename the reindeer mule??!? Cranberry is so pedestrian. LOL! I need those sparkle slippers ASAP!!!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  23. I love that cheese tray! It's so pretty too & love the little tools that it comes with!
    Those slippers!!! I love me some good slippers but have to watch it because Mr. Ernie likes to take them & eat them in the backyard... umph! I just bought a new pair & every night, have to make sure they are HIGH up on the dresser so the little booger couldnt get them. I can imagine him eating sequins :) haha

  24. I got those Loft earrings too (during the 50% off, but for some reason they really weren't 50% off..what the heck?) Anyway, I love them too. Your truck sign is darling and so is your plaid dress, that cheese board (you know how I feel about cheese❤️) and our pink hoodie is so perfect with those leggings. I just love that we have so much in common. Happiest of weekends precious friend. XO

  25. I adore that Sherpa pullover. So cute. And that first sign and the mini suitcase, swoon. I love it. Have the best weekend!

  26. How cute and festive is that dress? And I could never have thought to break it with wellies, but of course red Hunters definitely smarter than the average wellie!
    Love the idea of that brewery night out with the small plates.
    Hugs p, Mary x.

  27. That turkey cheese ball is cute as can be!! It looks like you guys had a blast while the boys were home, it's so nice that Christmas break will be here before we know it. Enjoy your weekend, some work friends are coming over to bake up a cookie storm this weekend... so wish us luck! ;-)

  28. So. Much. Cuteness! And you're so right...the Target Dollar Spot is everything:) I sometimes spend more there then in the rest of the store, lol

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  29. Those slippers are the cutest things ever!

  30. My oldest is off to uni next year and she's 24. Weird huh. She's a late developer, haha. So I think I'll be like you then just so looking forward to having her home.

  31. I can just see that Over The River sign in your home too; what a perfect color palette!!

  32. I am fairly new to your blog and I just love it! I love your style and your obvious passion for life! Have a great weekend!

  33. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your tiered tray and am using it for some inspiration for mine. I have 2 but mine never look as great as yours! I did manage to grab a few cute items at Target today and tomorrow I may venture over to Home Goods to see what fun things they might have for my trays! xoxo

  34. I love that sign you found! How fun to spend some more time with the boys! We have a brewery spot we like with small plates and inventive dishes. It's so great! I am counting the days until my baby will be home but she'll only be home for a very short break before starting her next semester, at least she'll be in the states! I love you in that plaid dress/boot combo! Happy Weekend!

  35. AWWW!! Your tray looks so awesome, too, and I loved seeing a pic with your friend on your day out!

  36. Well, the Reindeer Mule sounds a lot more fun!!! Love those red boots!
    As much rain as we have had here in North Carolina this year I could sure use a pair.

  37. Your tiered tray is too cute! I have one on my wish list and I am hoping it ends up under the tree with a tag to me!! Those slippers are so fun and glam! What a great way to jazz up your pajamas! ;)

  38. Hope you have a great weekend!

  39. I always love these posts! A lovely little peek in your life!

  40. Anonymous1.12.18

    That turkey cheeseball is the cutest! Could you please share the recipe? I really enjoy reading your blog everyday :)

  41. Those sparkly slippers are so fun!

  42. The family outing to the brewery sounds so fun and I'm a big fan of mules! I adore those sparkly slippers. Such a sweet gift! I'm drooling over your cute cheese ball tray. I have a similar cheese board and rarely ever use it. I need to bring it out for some holiday entertainment this year. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  43. Hi Andrea,
    There is so much packed into this blog post. I love your family photos of you and your boys. It’s always fun going to have lunch with your friends. I of course love your outfits of the week.
    We drove to see my daughter at college this weekend. We can’t wait to have her home for the holidays in 2 weeks. I know how you feel about your boys.
    Hope you have a nice week.

  44. I always love seeing how people decorate that tiered tray. Yours is Christmas perfection!!

  45. Thanks for sharing! ❤❤❤

  46. It looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time this season! I love your plaid!

  47. Plaid never gets old. Such a chic classic. Anyway, those are the cutest slippers indeed!

    Jessica |


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