30 October 2023


When we built our home six years ago, we had dreams of future grandchildren, so we decided to build a fun bunk room in the house that would be just for them. I kept it somewhat neutral and nautical, but the minute I found out we were having twin granddaughters, I had to give it the feminine touch. I have kept the previous blue and white striped comforters and some of the navy blue sheets in case we ever get to incorporate some grandsons in the mix. I still have some work to do like a project I'll mention below and adding in all the books to the bookshelves. The kids haven't even seen it in person yet, I can't wait.

What it used to look like:

And you can see more in This POST!

What fun I had! This was my project after the babies shower was finished and I loved gathering everything for it. My vision started with the Pom Pom Name Banners I had made made for the shower and I was so lucky to find Floral Sheets that matched the colors so good. That was my inspiration. I’ve mentioned it before about the amazing line at Target called Pillowfort for Kids. This room refresh is primarily courtesy of Target and that line of kids cuteness! I've linked almost everything I used in this post!

What  it looks like Now:

The mattresses on the top are really tight, thanks to that awesome Amish craftsman for building it so well but they’re so good thar everything fits just perfectly. However, I do have a hard time getting the comforters on so I thought it was cute just with the sheets and then they can pull up a blanket or comforter over them. Let’s all be honest it’ll be several years before they’re on the top bunks , lol.


I just love the pink velvet reversible Comforters on the bottom.


Will you look at these Butterfly Letter Boards. How fun will it be to change out the words and sayings? I just love this for Rattan Table, also from Target.

Daisy Throw Blankets HERE
(Mr. Nine's rocker as a boy)

And oh these Swivel Chairs with the Daisy Pillows!

I kept the bunk room letters on the wall but the window desperately needed something. My original focus a few years ago was to put a shiplap wood valance but the lady who made them on Etsy went out of business so I decided to get a Precious Curtain and a two dollar Daisy Tieback that fit the room perfectly.


Isn’t this Table from Wayfair just darling! Can you picture future tea parties here with this Tea Set (GREAT GIFT IDEA)? My mom got me years ago in anticipation for future granddaughters! The braided Scalloped rug goes perfectly.


Now we probably won’t leave the TV Console here. It is quite heavy and the plans are to mount the TV on the wall for that shows but for now I just up this wall with these Daisy Decals that go on and off so easily without pulling the paint.

And while my project for the Daisy board was not done by the time this post was published, here is what I am creating, only a smaller version to hang on the wall. Check out This Post from Erin Solange to see how she did it and where I garnered my inspiration.

I just think it turned out so cute and I cannot wait for the girls to see it and make countless memories in here for their time at Grammy and Pop Nine’s house!

More items I had not linked yet:
Yellow Smile Pillows HERE // Stuffed Bunnies HERE // Pink Foxes on steps HERE// Pom Pom Blankets HERE

Happy FALL Week Friends!

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27 October 2023


Hi loves. Not the best week here and we had to cancel leaf peeking trips on 2 occasions along with a Fall Day with friends tomorrow. All all the yucks, but seeing the girls makes my heart full! I keep plugging on and ALWAYS have some favorites. I hope you do too.


1. Precious Pumpkins

I love my little punkin twin granddaughters to pieces and beyond. They will be 1 month old tomorrow and are doing great!

2. Pink

All the love, for pink always. I heard Barbie Core was on the way out, and while I most likely won’t be dressing head to toe pink, pops of the glorious color will forever be on my radar. AND Let’s not forget it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Get your Mammograms, do self checks, spread awareness AND be supportive of others! Just look at these darling pieces, all would make great gifts.

Sweatshirt HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE

Blazer HERE// Faux Leggings HERE  (use code CLOUDNINEXSPANX) 

Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE

3. Pillows & Trees

I love a few cute novelty Christmas pillows tossed here and there but certainly don’t want to pay high dollar for them. I’m loving these options all $10 and under. I have the candy canes and hard candy ones.


We bought a new main tree. It was a viral sensation. After losing middle lights in our 2nd Balsam Hill in 6 years, I wanted something different. This brilliant mamma jamma is 9ft tall (comes in 3 sizes), has a phone app with 10 different lighting options, 3,400 glorious lights AND is 75% less at Home Depot than Balsam Hill. I am all about white lights and it has warm white and twinkling white as 2 of the 10 functions. It was delivered in 2 days, requires no fluffing and I’m in Love! 


Of course, I have a couple new trees too, can’t wait to especially show you the new “candy corner” in the kitchen. 7ft Slim $79 from Walmart HERE

Sneak Peek:

That’s right, I’ve started decorating because with this many trees, it takes me 2 weeks+. Also, I’m gone a couple days for my dad’s surgery. No one can steel my Christmas Magic. My dear friend Laura, sent me This Post about how people that decorate early are happier.

4. Us in Fall

I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, my caption was I’m burning for you. LOL. This burning bush by our pond does not always beautifully bloom every year, but this year it was spot ON, so we put on our Flag and Anthem cuteness and got a photo. 


Sweater HERE // Joggers HERE // My Jacket HERE // Hat HERE // Sneakers HERE // Mr. Nine's Jacket HERE

5. Misc. Fun


So, the big thing right now is the app called EPIK where you can get yearbook photos from the early 90s by submitting current close ups. While I graduated in 1989, many of them were spot on how I would’ve dressed. This was my favorite of course! Ooh La La!



Have a wonderful last of October weekend!


16 October 2023


I had not shared a Gibsonlook haul since the Spring, so what better time than the Fall! And as always, you can use my code: ANDREA10 for 10% off everything at Gibsonlook.


The quality of their pieces and on trend cuteness, always exceeds my expectations and I loved every single piece I got.


Will you look at the color of this knit Moto Jacket! It is called ginger, and it is a beautiful shade of red. As with all their blazers and jackets; comes in several colors. The Luxe Essentials V-Neck Tee underneath is from Gibsonlook too.

Jacket HERE // Tee HERE // Jeans HERE // Necklace HERE

I actually styled this two different ways for you.

Pants HERE // Loafers HERE 

Oh this blue hue! The good news is the cowl neck tunic top covers your butt and comes in several pretty colors. I just love it.

Cowl Neck HERE // Leggings HERE // Boots HERE // Earrings HERE

Have you heard the term coatigan? That’s right it’s better than a cardigan, but not quite a coat, lol. This comes in 4 colors and it’s such a versatile piece. I love how this outfit turned out.

Coatigan HERE // Tee HERE // Pants HERE // Boots HERE // Necklace HERE

Will you look at the sweet little Blouse! This gorgeous print on the saddle brown background is everything fabulous Fall blouses are made of

Top HERE // Jeans HERE // Boots HERE

Sweater Dress lovers unite! You might see a lot of them this season, but they’re not going to be as heavy as they used to be. This one is nice and breathable, love the varsity vibes with the outfit I put together here, but I’m definitely going to wear it with tights and boots.
Sweater Dress HERE // White Button Up HERE // Socks HERE // Loafers HERE

Which Look is your Favorite? What trends are you loving for Fall?

So excited to see the holiday collections from Gibsonlook soon. Don’t forget to use my code Andrea10 for 10% off your entire purchase there. I have been happy with every single thing I’ve ever received from them.

Happy FALL Week Friends!

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13 October 2023


Not loving that it’s October 13th, not because it’s a Friday; I’m not superstitious at all, but because it means October is ½ over this weekend…nooo. 

  1. Granddaughters

Twins granddaughters... to hold them both...pure heaven!


This photo warmed my heart beyond belief! I dreamed this boy would grow up to be an amazing daddy and he is all that and more.

 2. Kids

These beautiful kids have been thriving as well. We got to see these two 2 weekends in a row to celebrate. Mak is finishing up her undergrad degree and will join our boy in Ohio in January.

Don’t these two look gorgeous all snazzied up? They recently took a trip out west to the mountains & Park City Utah for a family wedding on her side. They had a ball, and she even got some pearls for their wedding next June.

We had a sleepover with our grand pup last Friday night, and he had a ball with his aunt Stella, lol. Look how cute.

3. cabi Clothing & some Fall Neutrals

It’s no secret that I love cabi clothing! Exciting news is that they have joined like to know what platforms about Influencer ‘s can link. They’re beautiful pieces over there and promote the brand even more. Here are a couple of my latest fall outfits that I just adore. All the pieces are going to be perfect for the holiday as well. (the scarf matches the lining of the jacket)

You know I love color but neutral has really been my jam too this Fall. Just some more cuteness as of late.

Cape HERE $27 // Tee HERE // Leggings HERE // Crossbody HERE

Top HERE // Tank HERE // Leggings HERE // Fav Sneakers HERE


4. Laura Geller X's Wheel of Fortune

 How cool is this and what a great gift idea! The amazing Laura Geller Beauty has teamed up with wheel of fortune to bring us the coolest collection. It is all wheel of Fortune themed and Vanna White wears it so beautifully. Look how cool it came packaged with a real spinning wheel on top. Such a value. Check out the entire set HERE. I especailly LOVE the Face the Wheel Blush Palette and the Prizewinning Eyeshadow Palette!

You will want one for yourself and for those you’re buying for that love beauty. 

5. Misc Fun


Have a wonderful October weekend, my loves!