05 August 2022


Whoop whoop, what a Friday it is..have such a fun weekend planned beginning with lunch around noon today. Been excited for this for several weeks now and cannot wait til you see who my weekend guests are!! OH WHAT FUN!!

1. Saturday Fun Day
What a sweet Saturday with our girl Stella Mae. Last weekend was the most perfect weekend of the summer here in Indiana and we enjoyed it to the fullest! We drove an hour and a half north of us to a brewery that we didn’t love but it was decent. However, we were redeemed when we drove 20 minutes south to South Haven Michigan for a fun afternoon! Our little Miss Stella even got her own seat alfresco and was able to order chicken off the menu, lol! She literally was the perfect girl that everybody stopped by to talk to her! We watched the boats go in and out, went for a fun walk, got in some people watching, Mr. Nine and I split a gourmet hotdog and ended the night with her favorite ice cream!


2. Sporty Spanx

Sporty Spice is what I call this! I am absolutely loving all the little tennis skirts but THIS ONE is probably by my fav because it’s from Spanx! Size up in this one, I like the little flounces in the back, it also has zipper pocket up by the waistband in the back and the material feels so nice! So cute with the Dona Jo Tank Top! AND This Skort comes in a more modest 17" length too.

3. Elephant Ears

Oh, you know I love my elephant ears! Normally we have two of them on the porch but this year we put two more out by the pool and we planted the ones we saved last year in the ground by our pool shed and both of those are coming up as well! Love love love these!

4. Bring on the Sunshine

Bring on the sunshine baby! While I am starting to record stuff for Fall, I am still all about summer mode! This is one of my favorite colorful summer outfits for running around! The Graphic Tee is so soft, the Shorts; well, I own 3 denim washes and the Sandals...ooooh those that raffia!

5. Misc. Fun

Hair cut..whoohoo


and my fav...

LOL...Happy Weekend, come follow me on Instagram for the weekend FUN!! It invloves some people you may know!

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  1. Loving cute Stella Mae in these photos and those elephant ears are incredible! Can't wait to see them in person! XO

  2. I love Mr. Nine's haircut! And Miss Stella looks so cute at the restaurant in her own chair. Have a great weekend!

  3. Those elephant ears are amazing! Stella is turning into the little fashionista! Love Mr Nine's haircut!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. That skort is so cute and I'm loving Mr. Nine's haircut! He looks so good!

  5. Love that Sporty Spanx look! How cute to spend the day with Stella and Mr Nine. I bet she gets lots of love and attention. I hope you have the most fun weekend, you sound like you're bursting with excitement. I don't know Alladin's Castle from the mall? I'd probably hit up Spencer's back then.

  6. The Pelosi meme is funny!!! Wow, I love Mr. Nine's haircut. He looks great. Love the photos of Stella!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Anonymous5.8.22

    Oh my gosh, the memes today are awesome. Love the haircut. Love the plants. Love the clothes. Hope you have a terrific weekend!!

  8. Those plants are amazing- love the height! Just bought the waffle sweater in gray and can't wait to pair it with white jeans one of these nights!

  9. Getting Stella Mae has been the best thing, I bet?? She is just as heartwarming as you are,

  10. So many wonderful favorites! Your Saturday outing sounds like so much fun.

  11. I really want to get a Spanx skort. So stinkin cute.

  12. OMG dying over Stella Mae sitting at the table, haha! Too cute!

  13. Your weekend with all the girls looked so fun! So happy you guys were able to all get together! Love a good girls weekend - so good for the soul!


  14. Don't get me started on Pelosi lol. Love that fun skirt and your elephant ears! I hope that you had the best time this past weekend!

  15. I love the spanx look you are wearing. My daughter found a similar skirt on Amazon that looks like spanx. I love the photos of you, hubby, and Stella. I love your hubby's haircut too! I hope you have a nice week Andrea.

  16. I always felt like such a rebel going into Spencers haha

  17. Love the Sporty Spice look, and the elephant ears look amazing. I need some of your green thumb <3

  18. Anonymous8.8.22

    Re Meme: At any age, I would have gone to B Dalton.

    And I love, love, love the haircut.

  19. What a fun outing wit Stella! The skort sounds amazing.

  20. That skort is so cute on you! And you know I love those elephant ears!

  21. The bright pink tank and skort outfit looks cute and comfortable. And, of course, Miss Stella steals the show!


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