18 March 2022


I heard it takes 3 weeks for your body to fully adjust to the Spring Forward Change. And Then I heard there may be a bill passed to keep daylight savings permanent when we Fall Back in November. I'm for never doing this silly Spring Forward/Fall Back thing ever again! And I'm all for the warm-up Indiana had this week. So nice. It may go back to normal, but I’ll take every sunshiny day I can get at this point. 
And let's get to some Friday Favs!


1. Cozy Earth Towels

My beloved Cozy Earth has done it again and it’s only fitting that they now carry towels as it is one of Oprah’s favorite things! I told on Instagram stories this past weekend, one of my favorite Oprah Winfrey revelations. When she first made it big, the first luxury item she bought was plush towels! Having luxurious spa like towels in her bathroom after becoming a huge success just made her feel so special. 

You can feel special too with plush spa experience towels from COZY EARTH and get them at 40% off with our code. 



Look Miss STELLA Mae loves them too! Look at her lil tongue!

Cozy Earth is now offering Bath towels, Bath sheets, Bathmats, washcloths and hand towels and you can also get Bath Bundles.

2. Sundresses

There is just something about sweet sundresses! I am getting these three from Chicwish. So far, the lemon one has arrived, and it fits to a T! It’s going to be so beautiful for spring and summer. So excited for the pretty Pink One and the Sunshiny Yellow!

3. Week's Attire
Top HERE // Shorts HERE // Sandals HERE

Jacket HERE // Hat HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE

4. Lavender Love Set

Ok, this entire Outfit just screams Spring and seeing as though we got some warm temperatures this week, I was so excited to bring it out. The material of this Two Piece Set is phenomenal and the pockets divine. Hard to believe it comes from Amazon what is this good and I got a new pair of all white Sneakers for spring that I love from Adidas.

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Product Empties


Don’t mess with her carrot, lol

It's almost getting too warm for her Camel Coat, lol

Not really loving the Bunny Fleece

But she sure is cute in it!



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  1. Oh I love these shorts and tanks!! It wasn't quite warm enough for that here but I did break out my flip flops a few times. It's like I don't even remember how to dress for warm weather!

  2. Stella is just growing like a weed!!! I haven't tried the CE towels yet, but maybe that will be my next item. Happy Friday! XO

  3. Haha, that meme about the Zoom meeting is so true! Love your lilac set!

  4. Oh those memes, too funny! I can't wait to see your sweet sundresses - they will be perfect on you. Stella Mae has the best wardrobe. Love ya friend!

  5. This week was glorious, I got to break out short sleeves a couple of days too! Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea!

  6. I love the jean jacket joggers outfit and I think I'll wear mine today, lol! I really like the lavender outfit from amazon too!

  7. Oh I love those sundresses... especially that lemon one. So gorgeous! And OMG, please keep the Stella content coming. I can't even take the cuteness! Happy Friday, lady!

  8. Those are pretty sundresses. I love your outfits of the week and the purple shorts and top. Stella looks so cute in all of her outfits too.
    Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  9. Love that lavender set on you! And such a pretty backdrop color for Stella too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Stella Mae in her new sweater is sooo cute. Do you think Chic Wish has good quality? I want to make sure before purchasing. They are sooo cute.

  11. I love those dresses and I think that you will look beautiful in all of them!Stella in her fleece is the cutest thing too, her little face is so sweet. Have a wonderful weekend lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  12. We are getting a beautiful taste of spring here the 70's today and we hit the beach for a long walk and lunch. What pretty sundresses.Your warm weather wear is making me so ready for spring and summer. Hi Stella Mae! You are gorgeous. I want those towels! Have a lovely weekend my friend!

  13. Those chicwish dresses are the cutest! And Stella is absolutely precious in her bunny costume! Love it all!

  14. The funny thing is that here in AZ we don't change time. But we happened to be in Denver over last weekend where they still DO change time. So we had to lose an hour. But did you hear they passed one hurdle to make the craziness stop??

  15. That lilac set is so cute on you! Love all of Stella's wardrobe additions!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. I am loving that lavender set on you! So fun! I haven’t gone in on the matching set thing yet—it looks so cute on everyone, but it intimidates me for some reason haha.

  17. The lavender set looks lovely on you and how cute is Stella in that bunny jacket!

  18. Stella Mae is too cute! I love her little tongue sticking out and how cute is she in her camel coat?! I love those Chicwish dresses. The yellow one is pretty but so is the pink!

    Maureen |


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