14 February 2022


HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY..this is about our newest LOVE!!!

You know how hard it was for us to lose Daisy. And Mr. Nine was not really interested in getting another doggie. But a Christmas miracle happened when during that evening, he asked me if I got everything I wanted? I said, “well no I didn’t, you know how my heart aches for another doggie” 

and he said let’s do it. He got on board and excited from the get-go and now Miss Stella Mae is “his girl!”

2nd day home with Daddy.

We knew right away we wanted a poodle mix because of the hypoallergenic aspect. Our kids had gotten a Cavapoo and so we started investigating and ultimately went towards a Havapoo that we had seen last summer on our family vacation. We found that one of the top five breeders was just two hours north of us in Grand Rapids. There was one close in our area but when I called, they didn’t even know when their next litter was, and I felt like there was no heart there and their puppies were all in cages. Enter our dear Becky from Pride's Poodles who does all in-home breeding, the puppies have their own rooms free to roam, she trains them she gives them the best natural food and treats and loves them like her grand-babies! I knew right away she was our person. She had just had a litter of Havapoos too, born on 12-11-21.

This is Stella's Mom, the mini Poodle.

We decided on a name before we even saw her, we originally wanted to keep a "D" name with the Mae, kind of taking after Daisy but Mr. Nine came up with Stella and it just fit and then everything there after would cause us to know that it was indeed meant to be the name. From our son’s girlfriend growing up on Stella Street to the first collar I looked at having the name Stella on it to the name of the treats our breeder fed her puppies, it was all just meant to be.


So just a couple weeks after Christmas we went to visit her four-week-old Havapoo litter. Our first choice was already reserved but that was ultimately meant to be because the little merle havapoo, the runt of the litter, Stella Mae stole our heart! 

Meeting for the first time at 4 weeks old.

To be honest, we almost reserved two that day they were so precious. Becky kept us in the know sending texts and photos of our sweet girl until pick up day.
Photo from Becky, our girl 5 weeks old.

We were counting down the days and we’re so excited to go pick her up. I even had a monogramed Travel Tote made for her from Land's End.


(I own 6 of these sturdy bags)

 Becky had bathed her and put her in a little sweater with a matching blanket and a sweet treat bag for the trip home. 

She slept most of the way and we put her on a pee pad in the trunk to try and potty, but she just wanted to sleep in mama’s lap.

I had to go into the grocery store and then she slept on daddy.

You guys, I cannot even begin to explain how precious and sweet she is! She has brought so much joy to us in just one week, it is unreal! Yes, the first few nights were a little restless but by night five she had slept through the night. She is so funny and is doing all the funny things like jumping up on the dishwasher, lol!

Oops, I got in the plant moss

I've got a friend in the stove, lol...the bar is the perfect height for her.

I’m sure you will be seeing lots of Stella Chronicles and I’m so excited to watch her grow! She turned two months old Last Friday!

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Happy Valentine's Day EVERYDAY



  1. I am so happy for you, I know how much joy Stella Mae is bringing you and Mr.Nine. She is just what you needed and her little antics will keep you in stitches. She is precious beyond belief and so are you.

  2. She is cute as can be! I know you have been wanting a dog for a while now and it looks like you found the perfect one.

  3. Little Miss Stella Mae is just precious. I am so happy Mr. Nine got on board and you were able to get her. XOXO

  4. Oh my goodness. She is TOO precious! I can't wait to see more of the Stella Chronicles. It was meant to be! Congratulations!

  5. Oh what a little love and just in time for Valentine's Day- just perfect- enjoy her! XO

  6. Much too precious for words!

  7. She is the sweetest addition to the Nine family! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. She is so cute and I can't wait to see more pics! It was meant to be. :) Happy Valentine's Day.

  9. How sweet! I love the story of her name just fitting in all those ways!

  10. My goodness, I just love her so much! She reminds me so much of Maui when she was little since she is part poodle, too!

  11. Oh my! She is a cutie! How much bigger will she get? Enjoy your sweet Stella Mae!

  12. I'm so glad he caved! Nothing can ever replace our special friends but a new one certainly helps! She is just so sweet and I am just over the moon for you!

  13. She is just SO cute friend! I know that she has brought your and the Mr. so much joy too. Hugs friend and have a glorious day! XO, Caroline

  14. I just love her color so much!!!
    They really do bring a joy like no other - they are just unconditional love in a fluff ball body

  15. I'm so glad you're sharing her already Andrea. It is SO heartwarming!!

  16. She is SO cute. I swear, when I become an empty nester in 5.5 years, I am SO getting myself a dog. They're like having a baby all over again!! I miss the days of dressing my kids up in cute clothes or even being able to take their photos. LOL. A puppy will give me all of those! Enjoy. I love her name!


  17. SHE IS SO PRECIOUS!!! I love her name! That picture of her looking at her daddy...all the heart eyes!

  18. I enjoyed reading about your cute Stella and looking at how cute she is. Have a wonderful time with her. Bosco and I are sending hugs to Stella!

  19. I'm so glad Mr Nine finally agreed! Stella Mae is so precious! Love these sweet photos!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  20. I cannot get over how cute she is! I am so glad you finally got your girl. I know that you had a huge Daisy sized hole in your heart and I know that Stella is going to bring you such joy. Mac is a Maltipoo. Definitely love the poodle mixes! Chris is allergic to most dogs, so we have a very limited selection that we can have too.

  21. She is absolutely darling! I just love seeing all of the cute photos of her!

  22. She is just so darling. I love the story of her name! Can't wait to see her all over your stories and your blog!!


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