12 February 2021


Happy Friday my LOVES!!! Tis the weekend of love but really no different for us. I get lil Valentines for kids, my man and mom and that’s about it. May or may not be a heart shaped meatloaf on the menu Sunday. My motto is to love everyone, everyday no matter what the day! But on Friday’s we share love AND Favorites….

1. Pink Pretties
Oh, how I love pink. I have an entire glam space office, bathroom and sitting area dedicated to it. It will always be such a fun, girly color and I love when I find fabulous things in the sweet shade. I own most of these, Mr. Nine got me the pink Yeti Tumbler for Christmas and it's my favorite shade and I have a lot of Yeti's, lol. The mug is a fav too from my mom, $6, had mine for awhile and still going strong at Target!

Hello Gorgeous Mug HERE // Blush Blanket HERE // Kendra Scott Heart Necklace HERE // Pink Skillets HERE // Round Pillow HERE // Slippers HERE // Yeti Tumbler HERE // Pink Tip Matches HERE // Heart Sweater HERE

2. City Beauty and a New Lash Serum

I have fallen head over heels in love with City Beauty and I think you will too! You know I completely love my Beauty Counter vitamin C serum and exfoliating serum but I’m always open to try new products and it’s always good to mix it up every now and then. I start a train many of these and so far, I love them all! The Hydro Face Mask comes in a pack of five and feels so good when I put it on and take it off. Dermal Reset is such a great anti-aging product 
and I love it.

City Beauty is a luxury brand dedicated to formulating skincare and cosmetics that look amazing and get results. Their products are designed with anti-aging benefits in mind, and women of all ages love how they make them feel.
for 15% off your entire order!!

And not only does City Beauty have skin care products but they have some great make-up as well. I am in love with their City Lips and their Beyond Mascara! So many beautiful shades of lip colors and they come in such great packaging in matte and glossy formulas. Of course, I especially love the pink!!

The Sun Diego is what is featured in the pic above and is my favorite shade!
The Gloss will PLUMP your lips

and wearing the Pink Nude City Lips Here.

And I’m a huge fan of this Lash Serum

3. Week's Attire
Wearing pink hues of course. 
Sweater HERE // Leggings HERE & HERE// Shoes HERE

Top HERE // Jeans HERE // Shoes HERE // Necklace HERE

Sweater Similar HERE  // Leggings  HERE // Shoes HERE // Beanie HERE (comes in 5 colors) // Necklace (on sale) HERE


I have always been a fan of pink, but I don’t have more pale versions in my closet. That has all changed with a Darling wrap puff sleeve top and quilted heart sweater that I Showed you in the top collage and have been wanting from chic wish for a while now.



Oh, and which boots do you like best with this?

5. Misc. Fun

Cotton Candy Champagne COCKTAILS
Recipe HERE. I'll take all 3 please!


This was the BEST! A lawyer had a filter of a cat on zoom with another lawyer and a judge, he assured them he was a lawyer and NOT a cat, LMAO!!

This one was my fav from the Super Bowl last weekend!

I’ll be back Monday with a Low Carb yummy Recipe! 

May it be SWEET!!!

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  1. I love all the pink goodness of course! Your new sweater from Chicwish is so pretty on you - my favorite boots are the white ones with that outfit. I hope you have a great weekend and make that heart shaped meatloaf for your Mr.Nine!

  2. Anonymous12.2.21

    I love all this pink!! Your outfits are. as always. adorable!! Love all the Pink Pretties!!

  3. Love all this pink! Have a great weekend.

  4. I am loving all the pink. It is such a great shade on you and so pretty! I am with you, Valentine's day isn't huge at our house either. We will have a little extra chocolate around and a nice dinner at home with my boys.

  5. I love those white pants so much!! And that cat Zoom thing made my day. I got way too much joy out of that. And something like that would probably happen to me...

  6. You are gorgeous in all of these pink outfits! I'll join you for a cotton candy champagne cocktail! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. My fav's are boots #1 and I am loving all this pink.

  8. Love all your pink favorite and I love City Beauty! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend Andrea!

  9. I'd be excited to receive any of those pink gifts. That sweater is so pretty! I have been eyeing that KS heart necklace.

  10. I love this pink blog post and the pink sweater with the brown boots. Thanks for the blog visit and have a great weekend and happy Valentine's Day.

  11. Loving all the pink!! Stay warm this weekend!

  12. Give me all the pink outfits and things! I love it! So festive. That lip color is gorgeous on you! I hadn't heard of that brand before I saw your stories. I like those pink pans. I have a few that need replacing lately. Why does it always seem it happens at the same time, you know? Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Great minds think alike - my post is all about pink too. That wrap-around blouse is gorgeous on you! Also you look prettier than the model in that Chic Wish sweater. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Andrea.

  14. That pink sweater is so cute - my pick would be the white boots. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

    Daily Style Finds

  15. You know how much I love all of that pink stuff! And I love that heart necklace, too. I'm laughing so hard at the social distancing meme because it's so true!! Hahahaha.

  16. I love all of the pink in this post so much! Which probably does not surprise you haha. Your pink heart sweater is SO cute and I love your pink pretties. I hope that you have a glorious weekend my friend. Sending you a hug too! XO, Caroline

  17. Looking good, girl πŸ™‚ Well, as always! πŸ‘πŸ» Love the make-up and the Valentine's Day moments everywhere πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  18. I am loving style #3 the best! Love the white booties! I hope you and Mr. Nine have a wonderful weekend of LOVE!! And that it includes those Cotton Candy Champagne drinks, too!

  19. I love those memes. All the Superbowl ones are amazing!!! And pink is my favorite color, so I am LOVING all the pink outfits!!!

  20. K. Left my comment on the wrong post- trying again, lol. If it's pink, theres a 99% chance I'll feel the need to buy it! City Lips is awesome. Looking beautiful as always. Have a great weekend.
    ~Melissa xx

  21. I love all the pink! And the memes. I need that cotton candy topped drink in my life. Hope you have a great weekend and a sweet V day!

  22. So much PINK inspo I can hardly contain myself. That H&M sweater and the pink bauble hears are sooooo cute!!! Have a "LOVEly" weekend my friend. XOXO

  23. I miss my Yeti so much - I may need to get a new pink one.
    Those crocs with the plow & salt- LOL.. that's my life the past 2 weeks. Seriously wear my crocs out to carry my dog & then yell at myself for soaking wet feet

  24. I love all the pink pretties!! Have a great Valentine’s weekend.

  25. I love Valnetines Day for all the pink and red beautiful things! They are just so eye catching no matter what. Those memes are just too funny. Thank you for giving me a good laugh! Happy Friday Andrea and sending hugs to you this Valentine's Day weekend.

    Maureen |

  26. Happy Valentine's day to the sweetest woman. Heart shaped meatloaf?? Why didn't I think of that??

  27. Happy Valentines and you are the cutest ever in pink!! xx

  28. That wrap top is super cute on you! Love your fun collection of pink goodies! The City Beauty products all sound SO GOOD!

  29. You look SO great in pink! Your make-up always looks flawless too--I need a tutorial! :) Love the meme about Facebook news--sooo true! Have a great weekend!

  30. Beautiful pinks. It's such a cheerful color!

  31. I love pink SO much too, Andrea! You look adorable in all of these outfits! Love the last picture of the heart sweater and you in the jeans and heels. Enjoy that heart-shaped meatloaf! I think that's a super fun idea!!!

  32. You are just too cute Andrea! I love pink! Of course your fall pink porch is a favorite! Happy Valentine's Day! I sent my kids Popcorn Tins! Still waiting from my boys that they received them ;0)

  33. Girl you are CUTE in all those outfits!!!!!! I love them all!

  34. Pink is so your colour, Andrea! You always look so beautiful in it. I've always loved pink too, but I'm only now starting to bring it back into my life with gusto! I've been decorating my brand new 'cloffice' this past week and it's all white, grey and pale pink! I love it! It does remind me of you.
    Suzy xx

  35. I love these light shade of pink! I have a couple outfits in mind with grey and white..

  36. HAH I love the take your son to work day meme. I hadn't seen that. I'm loving all your pink shirts! Very festive!!!


  37. Loving all of the pinks lady! It's your color for sure! That lipgloss is pretty too. Have a wonderful weekend!


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