26 February 2021


Happy Friday Friends! Well, what a difference a week makes. It’s still only in the 40’s here but I think the worst weather of winter is behind us and Spring is inching closer now! I’m actually only dressing in one layer under my coat now versus the 2 to 3 when I was walking previously, LOL which means you know it was cold because I’m a hot-blooded gal. Let’s get to all the happy things!

1. Charcuterie Queen
GRAZE by Erica

It’s no secret that I am queen! Been doing charcuteries for my friends and family now for about five years! Heck, even when us girls go on girls’ vacations, we throw together a charcuterie. Remember my Red, White & Blue Charcuterie Board?? But the true queen of charcuterie is in my area is Erica from Graze! Our week was made on evening this week when we "Grazed" on one of her amazing boards! Here is the one she made for us.

Her business is booming and it’s no wonder because she is mighty talented, and she knows her way around a charcuterie board better than anybody I’ve ever met! I love how supportive she is of other women and locally owned businesses. She will even put together individual charcuterie cups for business and shop events, cater your weddings, showers and parties and being totally accommodatable and absolutely adorable doing it.

FOLLOW HER on INSTAGRAM for so much inspo!

And you know how I love great packaging! Erica has the sweetest logo and includes things like a honeycomb, bamboo tongs, cute disposable cups for the spreads, the wood tray itself and a handwritten note card with everything that is included on your board. What a gem of a business boss she is!

 My goodness they’re a work of art. Just look at some of her creations.

Look at this spread she did for a wedding!

Erica calls these Char-CUTIE CUPS!! Um YES! So practical to do cups for events these days.

Curated Charcuterie Boards for all occasions. 

Email Erica at

But anyone in the US can get one of these cute Cheese sweatshirts like I’m wearing and with CODE: CLOUDNINE5 you’ll get $5 Off a sweatshirt. It is soooo comfy and cute!

Cheese Lovers rejoice! They're sooo cute!!

2. Target Share Week 

Hope you’ll head over to Instagram as tomorrow is my target share day for the 40+ influencers group. You’ve heard me talk about these lovely ladies before HERE and HERE so I am excited to share some spring goodness with them and I’ve got some cute finds for you my friends! So, stay tuned on Instagram.

And make sure you follow their fabulous Blogs and Instagram because they bring such goodness, grace and style.

Clockwise from top left..

Wanda from Wanda Loves Sharing / Insta HERE

Lisa from Coast to Coast / Insta HERE

Lisa from 4 Love & Dreams / Insta HERE

Holly from Everyday Holly / Insta HERE


Shanna from Daily Dose of Style / Insta HERE

3. Week's Attire or 

I guess Insta Lately, lol
Jacket HERE // Jeans HERE // Tank HERE // 

Sweater HERE // White Jeans HERE // Earrings HERE // Necklace HERE

Sweater HERE // Leggings HERE // Similar FLATS HERE

4. Ombré and Mint for Spring

I got this sweater a few weeks ago but I was saving it for warmer weather for you all. See, I told you that mint green was one of the colors for Spring and it flows so fabulously with the blue in this ombre slouchy sweater from one of my favorites, The Mint Julep Boutique! I always love Shopping the Mint as they call it, but I have especially been loving them lately and was so excited to pull out the white jeans to go with this Sweater! And I adore it is One Size Fits all!!

Sweater HERE // White Jeans HERE // Bralette HERE & HERE // Long Necklace HERE // Short 
Necklace HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday 17th ~ Peace Out Winter

Monday 22nd ~ Lucky Front Porch
Wednesday 23rd ~ Mother Daughter Design


And Some Charcuterie Ones of Course!!

May it be everything you need it to be!
And may you have all the meat and cheese your heart desires!!

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  1. Those charcuterie boards are amazing - I wish we had a place like that here! Your ombre sweater is so pretty and I am a total sucker for a chewed hem so I am dying over the cute white jeans you're wearing. And look at those little, skinny legs of yours - you are melting away! Have the best weekend!!!

  2. I LOVE charcuterie boards, cheese, crackers, and good salami is easily my favorite food!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What beautiful boards and those cups are perfect too! She definitely has a talent. And your balloon pics are always my favorites now. It is funny how warm 40 feels all of the sudden. I'll take it! It does really make it feel like spring might actually arrive someday soon!

  4. That chicken meme had be cracking up! Those charcuterie boards look delish and so beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend XO

  5. Now I'm going to have that Sweet Dreams are made of cheese song in my head all day. :) The Charcuterie Queen is amazing. I love looking at charcuterie boards for inspiration. The wedding one was stunning!The blue ombre sweater was my fave of your looks. Have a great weekend!

  6. Those charcuterie boards are incredible! Loving all your looks this week. Especially that blue sweater with hearts. The ombre sweater is perfect for spring! Enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  7. LOL the putting back a pack of chicken for one that is just a few cents cheaper is so accurate! I love a good charcuterie board. I could probably eat one at least once a day if it were realistic haha.

  8. Oh my gosh...that chicken price meme! So me!!!🤦🏼‍♀️I'm still drooling over that charcuterie delivery. I don't even think we have that in CA, but I'll be checking and I know they have it here bc a friend showed it once on IG. I love all those "mint" Mint pieces. That ombre sweater and teddy jacket are darling. Have the best weekend. XOXO

  9. That charcuterie is certainly something to aspire to! I love a good charcuterie and bottle of wine. I need to work on making it "prettier" now!
    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  10. Those boards are AMAZING! I love that her board has SIDES! I found a round tray with sides that I am LOVING for my boards!

  11. You know how much we love charcuterie boards in our house!! These are just gorgeous! One of the kids' teachers at school has a side business making charcuterie boards and they are just incredible... works of art, for sure! Erica is SO talented, and I would just gobble that right up. Also, the chicken meme... why is that so true?! Haha. Have a great weekend!

  12. I've never made a charcuterie board but I want to. Why do I feel so intimated by them, LOL?! The ones you are sharing look amazing!! I'm loving your style too. Simply beautiful, friend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy those warmer temps!

  13. Those boards look amazing. I love your sweaters!

  14. Yummy!! Charcuterie boards are one of my favorites! Loving all of your outfits as well. I hope you have a super weekend!!

  15. I am SO happy that I read this post after I did my workout haha. Those charcuterie boards look AMAZING. I also love that ombre sweater. Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  16. You are adorable.

  17. Hey my stunning friend- so cute in all your looks! I am loving the charcuterie ideas- especially those in the cups! I'm going to do this for sure (wish I lived closer and could invite you over with some Prosecco too). Have a marvelous weekend darling xx

  18. hi andrea, I stopped by to see if I had the correct url for your blog. I am including in this week's blogs to follow on the Weekend Edit. And, I am not following charcuterie girl. I went to a charcuterie how to party just before Covid last year and it was so much fun! I want to host one in a few months! laura

  19. I love the charcuterie boards and the pretty outfits. Have a great weekend Andrea!

  20. I really hope this is the start of "spring"! I love your look with your henley top. Oh my, swimsuit season - always the best finds on those. Have a great Friday!

  21. Oh wow, those boards are amazing! Definitely going to give your sweet friend a follow! I'm going to attempt to try my own charcuterie board maybe this summer, when it's possible to have actual people in my Happy weekend sweet gal, hope it's all sunshine and warm weather ahead for you guys! xo


  22. Those charcuterie boards are amazing. What a great idea for a business. Hope you have a great weekend!

  23. Love that mint ombre sweater. I actually tend to look for the most expensive pack of chicken or beef since they are priced by pound and I need the most pounds I can find to keep these boys fed!

  24. Amazing looking charcuterie boards. Want to drive in straight away! Have a good weekend!

  25. Oh wow that food looks amazing. My mouth is watering!

  26. I could live on a charcuterie board alone. It's my favorite meal!

  27. Those boards are absolutely amazing. I'm terrible at making those. I guess I need more practice...or just buy them already done, LOL!!

  28. I could live off charcuterie boards and those all look amazing! Love your heart and ombre sweaters! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  29. Those charcuterie boards are so beautiful! You both are the charcuterie queens for sure! And the cups are such a great idea too!

  30. I want that cheese lover sweatshirt. This gives me the inspo I need for my sisters baby shower this weekend. I am in charge of the charcuterie board.

  31. Wow! She is amazing with those charcuterie boards! That is impressive. I like making them but mine are usually quite simple! My best friend made some wonderful ones when we visited some years ago in France.

  32. The blue and white sweater is so pretty on you! And that charcuterie board is perfection!!

  33. Gorgeous boards! I want to try to make one


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