04 December 2020


Well, caught my hair on fire yesterday lighting a candle! Yes! I’m serious! I even heard it whoosh! But I got out the char and the stink and lesson learned, lol. This is one of my favorite days of the year! You’ll read why below so let’s get right to the fun Friday Favorites!!

1. Birthday Boy!
Oh, how I love this birthday boy. He makes us proud every day. What a man he has become. Today is the day! So much fun to have a birthday on Friday. We celebrated last night with his favorite meal and seeing Christmas lights. And tonight, his sweet lady will take him to a heated igloo for a great meal. He’s compassionate, helpful, polite, smart, skilled, grounded and oh so handsome!


2. Are You Serious Mr. Nine?
I was soooo excited to wear these matching tees from a favorite Etsy Shop with my man! If you’ve seen Christmas Vacation, you know!!! Sunday, I shared on Instagram and my caption was:
"Are you serious Mrs. Nine? Why, yes, I am Mr. Nine! We’re going to wear matching T-Shirts and drink eggnog out of moose cups like 
Christmas Vacation!"
Get your Moose Mugs today!!!

3. Week's Attire
If you saw my walk and talk on Instagram from last weekend that you know that when I put this outfit on Mr. Nine said he liked it but he also said I looked thug-gy, totally cracked me up so I had to share it.
Joggers (I wear these joggers x's a fave!) HERE // Red Tank HERE // Beanie HERE & HERE // Similar Flannel HERE

Sweatshirt HERE // Leggings HERE // Head Wrap HERE // Uggs HERE & HERE // Similar Vest HERE

Similar Red Poncho Sweater HERE // Striped Tee HERE // Leggings HERE // OTK Boots HERE // White Knit Beret HERE

4. Cecelia New York & Mint Julep for the Win
The minute I received these darling Gemma Boots from Cecelia New York, I knew I wanted to do something festive and casual with them. The styling possibilities are endless but I just felt like this long Hunter Green Tunic from the Mint Julep Boutique with its plaid patches and trim on the collar was perfect! And literally the perfect Friday casual Christmas season outfit!

Get Earrings HERE and Leggings HERE and ribbed red tank HERE

5. Misc. Fun


This Rudolph's Mix is so yummy. It is addictive and delicious and you need this sweet Holiday Treat!! Get the darling Red Striped Bowls to put it in. They have green striped ones too!


This next one is for all you Home Alone Fans...our sons loved those movies!!

And My Favorite..from my mom...

Have a Festive weekend my Loves!!

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  1. Well HB! πŸ‘πŸ» Love the Xmassy home and the t-shirts you two are wearing. ⭐ And one of the memes is especially nice! πŸ”₯

  2. Love all of your efforts and those Clark tees are priceless! Love that you have the Marty Moose cups too- priceless! Have a great weekend XO

  3. Happy birthday to your son! And I love the matching shirts. Have a fabulous weekend, Andrea (and watch that hair!)

  4. Girl! Shut up...I cannot believe you set your hair on fire. Happy birthday to that cutie of yours.

  5. I saw in your stories about your hair. Yikes! I'm glad it wasn't worse. Sounds like something I would do. I singed my eyebrows once lol. Happy birthday to your big boy! I'm glad you got to celebrate him. I love the matching tees! You two are so fun! I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I wouldn't mind Santa's grandson delivering to my house this year lololol. A heated igloo??? Man, that sounds like a cool birthday dinner! Happy Birthday to him! I went to order those bowls and they are out of stock, boooo. I need to jump on that stuff sooner! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! I'll be over here waiting for that peanut butter pie recipe....;)

  7. Happy Birthday to your boy - what a doll! Cute outfits all week as per usual! Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

  8. Happy Birthday to your handsome son.Friday birthdays are extra fun and in December too! I love those tees on you and Mr Nine! Cuties, I tell ya! We love Home Alone and have to watch it every holiday season. That Rudolph mix looks yummy!

  9. You and your Mister look so darling in your shirts. It's no wonder your boys are so good looking - how could they miss with those genes! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  10. Happy happy birthday to your handsome guy!! And I'm dying at that Santa peeing on 2020 meme. That is so hilarious!!

  11. Haha! Those memes are hilarious! Love the photos of you and Mr Nine in your matching tees! Happy Birthday to your son! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  12. Happiest of birthday to your handsome son!! Ha if Santa looked like that we'd all be on our best behaviors!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  13. Happy birthday to your son and loving the cute matching tees! I saw that your hair caught on fire on Insta and was glad that it wasn't worse. Love those boot and enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  14. That Green Mint Julip tunic is ADORABLE! You and your family are so festive. Happy Birthday to your son!

  15. I missed your hair catching on fire but I am so happy that you are OK! Happy Birthday to your son and I love that green tunic and those matching t-shirts. Christmas Vacation is so good haha. Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  16. I love those shirts; that is my favorite Christmas movie and we just watched it this week. I hope your son has a wonderful birthday!

  17. I can't believe about your hair! What a week for both of us, right? TGIF is all I gotta say! Love you! xxoo


  18. You two are the cutest, love those Christmas Vacation tees! And Happy Birthday to your son! Have a fabulous weekend sweet friend <3

    Green Fashionista

  19. Happy birthday to your wonderful son!! I love how you have matching tees...I may have to twist Rob's arm now!

  20. The peeing Santa lights is genius.
    & that duct tape one... LOL - growing up, its was solutions to everything from my mom.
    I love yours & the Mr's shirt but love even more you have the moose ear glasses!!!
    Happy Birthday to your baby

  21. The duct tape is hilarious. Happy birthday to your son and great find with the moose mugs and all! Have a great weekend!

  22. Happy birthday to your son!! Love the moose mugs! We've been watching Christmas when it comes on😁

  23. Happy birthday to your sweet boy! How fun that he is eating in an igloo tonight!! Love you and Mr. Nine. You guys look so fun and festive in your tees and with those mugs! Hope you have the best weekend!

  24. that last meme is pretty darn appropriate! Haha! I am in love with those cecelia booties! They are so cute! And you and Mr. Nine are adorable in your matching tees! Love that you were able to convince him to join you!

  25. I have to disagree with Mr. could never look thug. LOL Your birthday boy is such a cutie and I love y'alls t-shirts. XOXO

  26. Happy Birthday to your handsome son!! You have much to be proud of Andrea! He looks so much like you! Have a great weekend hun xx

  27. Happy birthday to your son! I hope you're beautiful hair isn't damaged too much! Oh boy, what a scary thing! Have a great weekend.

  28. Mr. Nine is such a good sport. Happy birthday to your handsome son. Have a great weekend!

  29. Those t-shirts are so fun! And that Rudolph's mix looks so good! Hope you had a great weekend!

  30. I hope your son had a great birthday! Those shirts are so fun! I love Mr. Nine takes fun pics with you.

  31. I love your memes this week. So many funny Christmas ones. I love those shirts. That is one of my favorite Christmas movies! Happy Birthday to your son!


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