07 October 2019


Major Fall Amazon Love! I screwed up and forgot to do this post last week when Tanya was having her Link-up. I mean, I pretty much have the Amazon tab open on all devices now until Christmas, lol. Here is just a few of my favorite recent Amazon Fall Purchases.

1. Fuzzy Pullover
Major WUBBY love! Super soft, great blush color and fab fit. I like the Snap Top Ones from last year but like these waaaay better!


2. Slip On Sneakers
Are these booties? Or are they high top sneakers? LOVE These! Not sure but they’re comfy AND cute! See with wubby above!

3. Clothes Steamer
I HATE to iron! Back in my college retail working days I used a Steamer for new arrivals all the time. This one is handy and portable for my own new arrivals or travel.

4. Packaging Labels
I ship a lot of packages. I love these Labels! I can print on them or write the addresses and cut down if needed. Cheapest price here on Amazon.

5. Favorite Top
I call this “the” blouse because not only do all my friends have this Top, but I also have the royal blue 3/4 length sleeves (Shown HERE) and LOVE the fit and feel of these tops!


6. Hat
You’ve seen me in these hats and I LOVE it so much, I have it in 3 colors! I mean for under $15 each when the same style hat costs forty-five to sixty at Nordstrom, why not get 3! As seen above as well.

7. Home Sweet Home Candle 
The Home Sweet Home Candle from Yankee Candle has always been a favorite of mine. This one from Katie Loxton gives it a run for it's money plus the packaging is soooo cute! 


8. Laurie Gelman Books
I have been hearing rave reviews about these books from Laurie Gelman. I’ve always liked her. As you may know, her husband is Michael Gelman, producer of LIVE with Kelly and Ryan.

9. Lotion and Lip Gift Set
I love Dionis lotions. The pumpkin scents are my favorite and they also have a great vanilla and a great peppermint. These little sets would make great gifts!

And A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my girl: 
LISA from Coast to Coast 
She always finds the best Amazon Goodies too!

Shop Away Beauties!!

Is this real? I had never seen the drone releasing


  1. Such a great Amazon round-up! I love the cozy fleece. How does the sizing run? And yes to the hats! I have one too and you are so right - you can't beat the price compared to the Nordstrom ones! Happy Monday, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. So many fabulous finds Andrea! Amazon is kicking butt and how cozy does that wubby pullover look! I haven't heard of Laurie Gelman. Apparently I have been living under a rock! I am always up for good book recommendations and will check this out. Wishing you a beautiful Monday!

    Maureen |

  3. I need anther pair of the wedge sneakers because I wore mine to death last year! I love the fuzzy pullover sweater - so cute!So many great buys! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. My girls would love that fuzzy pullover! So soft! And those sneakers are everywhere right now! They must be super cute!

  5. Those sneakers are so cute! I have been wanting a pair! It looks like the link is linking to one of the books you have later in the post, though.

  6. You always have the best Amazon finds! Those wedge sneakers are so cute! I read Class Mom and need to add the other book to my list!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  7. Ha, you are filling up my cart! I love that green top and the pullover looks so comfy too.

  8. Class mom was super cute! Love those sneakers too!

  9. I use my steamer SO much because I totally hate to iron too! It's also great for travel. LOVE that pretty green peasant top and your cute boho hat!!

    Rosy Outlook

  10. I really like your green blouse and even though it's a very warm spring so far in Brisbane I'm loving that cosy fluffy pink top! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend. We had a picnic today, taking advantage of the public holiday and great weather :) I just posted my weekday wear linkup, I'd love you to join! :) I've got a scarf giveaway on my blog right now too!

    Away From Blue

  11. You got some really nice buys from Amazon. I love the pink pullover!

  12. I'm reviewing those 2 books tomorrow in my book post. Spoiler alert -they are both HILARIOUS!!!!

  13. I like the fuzzy sweatshirt! I read Class Mom but I still have to read You've Been Volunteered!

  14. Great round up of Amazon finds! That candle sounds great! I can't believe I've never purchased candles on Amazon...I think I need to change that! Ha!

  15. You have some amazing finds this time! But you always do! That is a great price on the labels. I just might have to finally order myself that belt with my birthday moola. I love it! That blouse is so great on you--everything is! Have a great Monday!

  16. Okay so many cute things!!! I love the pullover. I tried the sneaker link, and it goes to the book. :( They look so cute too! I love my black wedges.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. I looooove that green top SO much. All such cute items- and OMG your porch is simply amazing. Great post girlfriend!

  18. Oh Debbeee - You are so I cute in your autumn outfits but also such a temptress!! Saw your tan fedora and realised I don't have one in tan. Well, I've just rectified that oversight in my wardrobe pretty darn quickly. Thank you !
    Hugs, Mary x.

  19. You are truly too good to me!!! Thanks precious friend! You found so many super Amazon goodies. I love the blush wubby and the hat. You're the cutest!!! Happy Monday!

  20. I need those slip on sneakers, and I'm not a fan of ironing either. I picked up a steamer, and never figured out how to use it. Time to try it again <3

    Green Fashionista

  21. Love all of these. I purchased a pair of wedge sneakers just like that in a tan (not from amazon). When they came in, they were the wrong color. I was sent a blush color. I tried to make them work but the elastic strap across the top was white! They looked terrible to me. They are now in my Posh closet @Myemptyhangers. Someone else may like them. lol.

  22. Anonymous7.10.19

    About the blimp:

  23. I think I end up on Amazon's site at least once a day! I just bought some more lotion for myself this weekend but ended up with vanilla as I didn't see the pumpkin spice scent.

  24. I love that green top on you. And the steamer is amazing. I use mine all the time.

  25. The steamer, the blouse, the wedge sneakers, I want them 😄. But since I am not shopping now, I will see if I still have them on the top of my list come November. I think the blouse will definitely make it to the cart!

  26. Heavens momma...that green top looks amazing on you and your porch is adorable!

  27. That blouse is a classic now, and I had never heard of that lotion. Thanks for all the prime shopping ideas!

  28. I am just getting into the Amazon buying. I can see why everyone loves's so convenient.

  29. Ok your green blouse turned out alot nicer than my red one and mine came from China, so I can't return that sucker! Boo! Certainly wasn't happy about that, but I can still bring my blue one to Austin! As always, I love all your Amazon finds! xo

  30. I have that fuzzy pullover and love it! I have that hat too! It is such a great deal and looks WAY more expensive! Love those wedge slip on sneakers!

  31. You had me at fuzzy pullover!

  32. I have that same steamer and cannot live without it. I use it all the time. And, I ship things all the time too and go through those same labels quickly. Hugs for the new week!

  33. My steamer is on the fritz, so thanks for sharing this Amazon gem! Aren't they just the greatest? Ironing is the worst, so I'm glad I discovered the steamer years ago. Love the hat too, I have it in 3 colors as well! :)


  34. Haha I am the same way with Amazon! For some reason I have multiple tabs open on my phone. That pullover looks so cozy! I always tell my family I need a steamer when they ask me for gift ideas (I'm not into ironing either) but no one ever ends up getting me one LOL. I have to check that one out, maybe I need to just get it for myself! And you know my love for hats, I have to check those out!

  35. That fuzzy pullover looks so cute and comfy, the best combo! Love your favorite top and hat! They're super cute on you, my beautiful friend! Hope your week is off to a spectacular start! xoxo!

  36. I've been seeing those fuzzy pullovers everywhere and I just need to order one!!Great finds friend!

  37. I love those cozy pullovers and 'the blouse' is so beautiful, the color is stunning!!

    xx, Elise

  38. I have those books in my wish list! I've heard they're both so good!

  39. I'd much rather steam than iron! I love the outfit you put together with the green blouse. Beautiful color! Can't wait to check out those books!

  40. These are great! I have the pullover and the hat and I love them both. I'm going to look into that Home Sweet Home candle. I LOVE seeing everyone's Amazon finds!
    ~Melissa xx

  41. I need that fuzzy pullover STAT! I live in stuff like that come fall + winter!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  42. Seeing those darling wedgy tennies or booties or whatever on everyone. Wasn't sure I liked them at first but have decided I definitely do now!! And your green ones are my favs yet. Have a tab open to inspect them closer.

    1. Ooops, they look green but guess they are gray. Whatever the case, they are groovy.

  43. Amazon seriously has everything. That pullover is so cute and I love the light blush shade!

  44. I am going to check out those booties! Visiting you from the welcome wednesday link up.

  45. Loving your picks dear, especially the fuzzy pullover. Super cute and cozy!
    Jessica |

  46. That fluffy jumper looks amazing!! Super snuggly.

  47. JUst put the lotion set in my cart!!

  48. I don't like to iron either, and everybody laughs at me because I refuse to even buy one. I really love the blouse you are wearing :) It is very cute!

  49. Man I have been trying to find a steamer, but so far haven't found one that isn't more work than getting the iron out! Love that sweater, I've tried them so many times, but it just makes me look like the marshmallow state puff man. haha! Looks great on you though!


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