14 December 2018


Are the bells a shaken in your neck of the woods? Is the excitement of the Christmas day, birth of our baby Jesus growing even more anticipated? Or are you stressing out big time? I’m pretty much under control. Just a few more things to get and wrap but I sure got my baking on big time this week and all my baby boys are home! Hoping to do all things festive, magical and as in magical, I mean make a dozen cookies disappear in my mouth, lol! Fill up on the Christmas cheer this weekend! 

1. Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix
NBC aired a Pentatonix special Monday night and Kelly Clarkson guest starred to sing My Grownup Christmas Wish with them and it was AMAZING! I have always loved both of them and their voices are pure magic!

2. Holiday Gift Find ~ Mini Games
Besides the usual clothes, electronics, gift cards, etc, I like to get the kids some fun little things. I recently discovered these tiny desk top games and they are so cute and all like $8. 
They are Prime so should be here in time for Christmas.


Tetherball Twister


3. Week's Attire
Bralette HERE // Ugg Boots HERE // Beanie HERE 

Red Cardigan HERE // Henley HERE // Sorel Boots HERE

Extremely windy day, lol
Similar Poncho Sweater HERE // Hunter Boots HERE

4. Military Vest & Red
I’ve put this red Tunic Top and military vest together before but I especially love it at Christmas time with a little pop of plaid and this time, I threw on my new favorite UGGs! I love how festive it this feels yet oh so comfortable! And the Tunic is on major sale, lots of colors
BUY Red Tunic Top HERE (40% off)
Similar Vest HERE

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun 
The Festive Posts this Week

Of course, the posts this week were right up festive lane. My favorite being my Monday Post showing you my Christmas Home Decor. Tuesday, I baked up some yummy Amish Apple Fritter Bread and Wednesday, I got my wild side on with some White Boots & Wild Fable Jumper!
Monday I'll share my Merry & Bright Outside Decorations!

Cookie Trays
Yep several cookie trays went out this week and I had almost forgotten about my festive buffalo plaid apron that I got a couple years ago on clearance a week or two after Christmas for like 4 bucks at Kohl’s! Isn’t it just the cutest thing. 

A couple of these recipes I have shared on the blog of the goodies that are on this tray and next week comes one I cannot believe I’ve never shared which is the sweepstakes winning peanut butter fudge!

BUY Similar Buffalo Plaid Apron HERE

Cute Surprise Christmas Decor 

My very sweet mom came over and gave me some delightful Christmas Décor. We have a local floral and gift shop that she adores and they were packed to the gills with festive finds. They are having 40% off until the end if he season, so I am going to have to mosey on over there as it is less than 10 minutes form my house and I love adding to this growing décor collection!

Have a Magical Weekend Sweet Friends!

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  1. Oh what a fun and festive week you have had! That apron is cute and I know your heart is so full to have all your boys under one roof! Enjoy my merriest friend!!

  2. Khaki and red, who'd thought? But YOU did and it works beautifully! And having seen the cookie trays your putting out, just want to remind you that I AM still up for adoption ... just sayin'.
    Oh how I miss that whole mum popping round with something, it's something very special and you've got yourself a diamond mum!
    Hugs and happy weekend with your boys, x.

  3. That's really awesome your boys at home now and ready for the holiday! We are baking this year too so it's been fun but not so great for the waistline! That apron is the cutest and for $4 that's such a steal! Love the new addition to your home decor given to you by your mom. I am feeling all the festive vibes! Wishing you a great weekend ahead!

    Maureen |

  4. So many things to love about this post. I love the red tunic outfit. I am getting my baking on this weekend too with Hockey Guy. We need to test run a cake for Christmas.

    So glad you have your boys home!

    It's beginning to look a lot like Chistmas pretty lady!

    Happy Friday

  5. You pretty little cookie making and delivering girl you! I made that bread on Wednesday night and it was so good it lasted 12 hours. I shared a bit with a friend and the rest of it we all devoured! XO

  6. Those cookies look so yummy! We haven't done ANY holiday baking and surprisingly when I asked the boys yesterday what they want to make no one seemed enthused to make anything! I'm sure if I baked they'd eat though. That little house from your mom is adorable.

  7. Your outfits get better and better! Love the pops of red. Where did you get that white sweater/sweatshirt in your first pic?

  8. Penatonix is my favorite this time of year! Throw in Kelly Clarkson and I'm a happy girl. I DVRed it to watch by my tree this weekend with some hot chocolate! Those mini games would be a great Christmas day activity with the family. As always love your pops of red girl! Have the best weekend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  9. How nice to have all your boys home!!

    I love Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix. We missed that so I will have to check out the video. We had The Voice on instead.

    Your cookie trays look delicious! I bet everyone that you gave them to loved them. I will be anxious for your fudge recipe. I have never had one and was just telling the kids fudge would be fun to add to our baking list this year.

    Have the best weekend with your boys, Andrea!

  10. You're going to have to share that peanut butter fudge recipe. I love that vest and tunic combo, it is so cute!I am finally feeling ready for Christmas. We host my husband's company's Christmas party this weekend and then it's full on getting ready for the big day =) Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. My husband has one of those mini desk games--too fun!
    I was just thinking I want to get to the stores and find something RED to wear:)

  12. Well, I know whoever was on the receiving end of those "goodie trays" were some grateful people. I love that style of Ugg, not so big and bulky. And, of course, that apron, looks just like you. Have a great weekend sweet Andrea!

  13. I just want to come live with you for like a week! I could enjoy your decorations, you can help me figure out what to wear, I can take cute pictures in your dressing room! Please can I come?? Haha.

  14. I love doing cookie trays!

  15. Oh yum! Your Christmas cookie trays look sooo good! I bet your friends look forward to receiving those all year! And I love the red top + military vest combo! You are really making me want to wear more red!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  16. How fun to have your boys home. My daughter has 2 finals on Saturday and then comes home and I can’t wait to see her. Enjoy your time with the boys. I love baking cookies but this year I have held off a little bit. I will though do some baking for Christmas Day for my party. Love that cute apron. Enjoy the weekend

  17. I hope you share the recipe for the Fudge. The cookies all look great.

    Loved all your festive outfits this week :)

  18. I love all of your outfits Andrea! They look so adorable. Those red hunters, I want it to snow and rain here so I can pull mine out of the closet. Have the best weekend!

  19. Oh that cookie tray looks so yummie!! Ok how did I miss that special on NBC! UGh, I love them! Thanks for a sharing, love them all so much.

  20. That cookie tray looks divine! I bet the recipients are going to LOVE them! So sweet of you.

  21. That mini tetherball is so fun - I used to love that game when I was a kid! Your velvet jumpsuit is just too perfect! Have a wonderful weekend doll! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  22. Very cute games and outfits!

  23. Hey...that's how I'm going to explain the missing treats this time of's magic!!
    You always have the most adorable outfits, Andrea!!

  24. Those mini games are so cute. I know Rory would love them. Love your outfits!

  25. How cute are you in your apron with the cookie trays?! You are goals! I am a bit stressed over here but trying to remember what is important. We just travel twice (even though one is only an hour) and it is hard with a little.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  26. That cookie tray looks so wonderful!!! And I always love how you share what you wear during the week--so cute as always!! Have a great weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  27. Those desktop games are such a cute idea when you need a little break at your desk. I love that! The decor your mom picked out is gorgeous, but of course...she has great taste like you. I need to do some baking, hopefully next weekend- I have a nice extra long weekend so it should give me time. Have the best weekend, xo!

  28. I'm so sad I missed that Pentatonix special, but thanks for posting this video. That is one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. Your treat trays are to die for and what lucky friends you have. Your sweet momma bringing you that cute little house. Such a sweetie. Have the best weekend!! XOXO

  29. Those mini games look fun :)

  30. I saw some some fabulous fun mini games here too! So much fun to play with Friends and family!

  31. You had such a festive week! So much fun!!
    You know I love that buffalo plaid apron! 😉. So glad all your boys are home. Enjoy the break together.

  32. Oh there is that cookie tray again!! :) Love the looks, surprise decor and most of all YOU. ;)

  33. Looks like your all ready for Christmas! Those cookies look amazing! Love the decor your mom brought over. How sweet!

  34. Love the new Christmas pieces! Your tree is just gorgeous! I wish I lived nearby and could get a plate of those yummy cookies! They look spectacular and I just know they taste delicious too!

  35. Oh man I missed that Christmas special, I bet it was a good one! Love the pops of red in your attire. Yummy, those cookies look so good!! What pretty Christmas decor, too. I love the sparkle!! Hope you're having a great weekend!! Xo

  36. This post contains so many of the things I LOVE about you - it's fun, festive, beautiful, and sweet!!! My heart overflows with joy for you that all your boys are home for the holidays!!! enJOY every bit of your family time and the magic of Christmas (and making all the cookies disappear - lol!) Love you to pieces and wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas celebrating the Savior and savoring the special moments of this sweet season!! xoxoxo!

  37. Loving your outfits - that vest looks so good with red! :)

    It's awesome you were able to get the Christmas decorations on sale too! I'm hoping to pick up more pieces in the post-Christmas sales, but I've noticed already there's not a lot of stock left, haha!

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week :) I still have to wrap pressies and I want to start Christmas food shopping tomorrow, but otherwise most things are organised! I'm so excited and looking forward to it! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  38. What a fun week you had! Those desktop games are so fun and such a great stocking stuffer idea! Love the red tunic and olive vest combo!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  39. So much cuteness Andrea!!! LOVE the wreaths on the windows - so perfect for your house!

    Black Coffee Beautiful

  40. We haven't yet watched the new Pentatonix special (it's still sitting on our Tivo just waiting) but we did download their new Christmas album with that song on it. I just love them SO MUCH. They are so talented.

  41. You have had a fun week of holidays! I love penatonix and their christmas music. I think I want to see more of that closet of yours. It look un real!

  42. These are really cute picks indeed. Love the cookies, so yummy! And yes, can't go wrong with penatonix on Christmas.
    Jessica |

  43. Lovely post and pops of red Andrea :) Thank so much for joining us at The Christmas Link Up. Have a wonderful holiday and see you next year.


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