18 May 2018


Happy Friday pretty peeps. Sorry I missed last week’s Friday Favorites, I was having my garage sale but I am back and the sun has been shining more this week and, in my heart, too. I am so excited: The Royal Wedding is in less than 24 hours. I'm getting up early and having a spot of tea in my silky robe and watching the nuptials. Hope the sun shines on the lovely couple. Although I have heard rain is good luck on a wedding day and it rained on mine and Mr. Nine’s wedding day and look at us! 
Now let’s get to some sweet Friday favorites!!

1. Blogger Spotlight:
Lea from CiCi's Corner
This summer in my Friday Favorites each week, I am going to showcase a Blogger friend of mine. I have often talked about the friends I have made from blogging and well, I just want to share them with those of you who may not have had the privilege of reading their amazing blogs. First up is the ever so classy and stylish Lea from CiCi's Corner. I met Lea via my gal pal Laura. This delightful southern belle is, as we speak, off seeing the sights of New York City. I bet she will have some sweet deets on this trip on her blog soon.
Just look at her leopard! 

I was so tickled last week to receive a package from Miss Lea in the mail...she thought of me when she saw this precious pineapple towel and sent some of her favorite lemon scented hand lotion, which I needed. How thoughtful. Just love this gal, she has been married to her sweetie for over 40+ years and has been the sweet caretaker of many loved ones. He kids and grands are the light of her life. And she shines so bright!

2. The Garage Sale
So, as I mentioned, the big garage sale was last week and we had tons of people, almost sold it all. I had 2 moving sales last year at the old house but realized so many things I didn’t need when we moved. Nice Garage Sales do really well in our area so I have one almost every year. Lots of friends and family came out. However, when I planned this I didn’t know that President Trump and VP Pence we’re speaking in my town so I missed it. Never had both in our town at once so everyone was abuzz about it and I could hear security hovering in the air. If you’re looking for any garage sale tips (I’ve had over 20 sales in my life) read this POST 

3. Week's Attire
Old Navy Tops HERE // Loft crop Jeans HERE

Sandals HERE // Kohl's Capri Jeans HERE // Similar Knox Rose Top HERE

Sandals HERE // Similar Gingham Top HERE // Accessory Concierge Necklace HERE

This Darling ON sweatshirt is Back in Stock HERE // Slip on Sneakers HERE & HERE
Jean Jacket HERE

4. Pineapple Top

Love this Pineapple Top so much it’s going to get 2 photos’. I told you about this pineapple top Here that my dear friend Caroline (see her styling it HERE) had told me about. I LOVE it, the flow is great and the pineapples are not in your face too bold.

More Inspo 

Remember This Post? Still one of my favorite and softest sweatshirts!
Wore it in Toronto Too...spy the gold pineapples?

Pineapple Pants inspo too

I was even loving Pineapple Pants Back in the day! 

Now, this is a little much! 

5. Misc. Fun
Herb Garden Gift 
My dear friend and former coworker, had this awesome burlap Herb bag planted for me as a housewarming gift. I just love fresh herbs and can’t wait to snip them fresh this summer.

BUY This Bag and other CUTE ones like it HERE

Shoe Story
Well there is a not so favorite story to go along with these shoes. As I was going through sandals I realized that more than a dozen pairs of sandals and flip flops are missing. They were all the ones I’d had in a shoe cubby and they were all my favorite ones as so comfy. Only one I’m able to replace and it’s driving me nuts. I think they may have accidentally went to Goodwill so I guess that means new sandals are in order but I still miss all my favs and thank goodness my Tory Burch ones were not in there. These are all from Old Navy and I got them when on sale for 9.97 each. Super excited about the coral ones as I got a LOFT TOP that matches perfectly.

BUY THESE CUTE SANDALS HERE, HEREand HERE ....all so Comfy! 30% off today with code: LUCKY!!

I'm headed to the Dermatologist now for a Skin Cancer Check...with skin cancer affecting several members off my fam, including PSA to get your yearly skin checks!


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  1. I so missed your post last week but I knew you were having a whale of a sale! Lol, our neighborhood is having garage sales this weekend and my husband has a ton of stuff - prayers it all sells because if it doesn't it's going straight to Goodwill and NOT back in my house! Love all those cute sandals - especially the gingham, oh how I wish I could wear those. Your pineapple top is so pretty but not nearly as pretty as you my friend! Have the most beautiful weekend and cheers to the Royal Wedding!

  2. Love all the pineapples! and all the cute pineapples!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. So glad your garage sale was a success! We used to have those growing up and they were always so fun! Such a bummer about your sandals - that would make me so sad, but it looks like you found some good replacements. Happy Friday!

  4. That burlap herb bag is so cute! I'm glad that your garage sale went so well! Have an amazing Friday & weekend!

  5. That towel is fabulous and LOVE your pineapple shirt.

  6. How cute are you back in '89 (and to this day!)!! Your pineapple obsession started early! That is awesome about your garage sale. I haven't had one in years. Your weekly outfits always look pulled together, cute and comfy! I hope you're off to a great weekend!

  7. I recently "met" Lea and she is such a delight!! How sweet of her to send you such a thoughtful package! I wish I were near enough to have shopped your stylish garage sale (or simply near enough to pop over for a hug and perhaps a happy hour! :)) Glad it was such a success! Sounds like your town was the place to be last weekend! Hope the weekend ahead is a fantastic one too! xoxo!

  8. Isn't Lea darling!! I always love to see your pineapple collection. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. That's a great price for those sandals! I hope you enjoy them. And yay for pineapples!

  10. My sister-in-law is a real fan of pineapples in her home. I'm always looking for gift ideas for her! Thanks!

  11. I'm so impressed about your garage sale success...we tried one a couple of years ago and it was a failure. I don't think we will try it again, but if so, I'm totally picking your brain!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Andrea!!

  12. Yay to all of the pineapples!!! That top looks fantastic on you!! When we meet some day we should wear them haha. :-) My in-laws used to have garage sales all of the time in their old neighborhood. I am glad that your garage sale went well! Cute sandals too and I hope that you have a glorious weekend! :-)

  13. I have been trying to decide if I want those black and white bow sandals, they are so cute. I think I need them! Hooray for garage sales! I need to try to have one this summer I think. So many things we dont need just sitting around. That little herb basket is just so sweet! There is nothing better than having fresh herbs on hand. I want to try to grow my own little potted garden of them. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  14. I bet you had some great deals at your garage sale! That's too bad about your sandals. We have had a similar situation with our moves to the rental house and back. How do things just disappear? Glad you were back for this week's Friday Faves!

  15. Oh, how I wish I could've shopped your garage sale! You're the chicest mama I know! And seriously - those sandals. Precious! I hope you have a fantastic weekend, Andrea!

  16. awww, so sad about your sandals! Glad that your garage sale went well! After our last one, we vowed never to do one again, ugh, so much work for so little pay out. I love that pink pineapple sweater, it's the best. Have a happy weekend lovely lady!

  17. That throwback pic is so funny! I am glad the garage sale went well! I love the new pinapple shirt and all the sandals! I hope your weekend is lovely and you get a break from the rain, momma needs her pool!

  18. Love all the pineapples!! Coudl you be anymore Gorgeous?? Your makeup is always flawless, what do you use?

  19. Glad the garage sale was a success! Bummer you lost your shoes, but the replacements are cute! I love the pics of you in your house. The walls/brick make a pretty backdrop, and the lighting in that area is great.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  20. I'm so sorry about your sandals! That would drive me crazy too! You've gotten some great replacement ones though. I need to check out Old Navy! The gingham and coral ones are so cute!

  21. I love love love that pineapple blouse! And Justin and I are planning a garage sale for the beginning of June and I feel like we need your help. Haha! I feel overwhelmed already.

  22. I'm SO flipping excited about the wedding tomorrow! I, however, will not be waking up early to view it. I so wish I was a morning person, but I'm not, so we are Tivoing it and I'll watch it tomorrow night. Glad y'all did well on your garage sale! Ours is coming up in mid June and I'm SO ready for it. I'm tired of having all of this junk lying around!

  23. Happy Friday!! I love that you did so well with your garage sale! I just checked out your post and pinned it. I love that Pineapple print top! We definitely have the same bow tie sandals :) I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  24. Lea is such a doll. Just the sweetest! I love that you're going to share blogger friends. So sweet of you and smart too. You are the pineapple of our group! Such a sweetie. (how many times can I use the word sweet in this comment? 😂) You looked way to pretty for a garage sale, but I can tell the way you had your shoes showcased that it was no ordinary garage sale. Major bummer about the shoes. And oh thank the Lord your TB's were not in that box. That would have been catastrophic! On the bright side, all your new little slides are darling (just like you) Have the best, garage sale free weekend! XOXO

  25. I cannot wait to slide over Lea's blog. Love her taste in gifting!!! As you know I'm a pineapple junkie myself when I was supposed to be shopping for the kidlet I ended up getting a new pineapple tank and a pair of shorts....I digress LOL! Love your looks. love your sunshine, LOVE YOU! xo

  26. Ugh, I just love your Friday posts! Lady, you look so beautiful in all of theses photos, but the pineapple top photos are drop dead gorgeous, your hair looks phenomenal!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    xx, Elise

  27. I'm hoping to catch the Royal Wedding live but may have to DVR since we are hanging with friends Saturday night and that could go late haha. And I have to say Andrea, you are seriously glowing in all these pictures! You sure are beautiful inside and out!! Enjoy your weekend!

  28. Oh I would absolutely mourn the loss of my sandals.... but think of all the fun you'll get to have replacing them. :) It rained on our wedding day too (not the whole day thankfully!) and we're celebrating 17 years this month so it must be good luck.

  29. I'll bet the ladies in your town can't wait for your garage sales! You always have the eye for the cutest stuff 💞 have a wonderful weekend!

  30. I wish I could have shopped your garage sale, I am sure you had so many nice things in it... no wonder you did so well! Wow, Target has some cute sandals. Love the bows, gingham prints, etc. That herb basket is so cute and I love those kind of gifts. That pineapple tee is just darling. So is the pineapple towel you received from your sweet blogging friend!


  31. I'm loving all of the pineapple!!!!! You always look so put together in the most darling outfits!!!!! I would love to come to one of your garage sales- if only I lived in your area!!!! Have a great weekend! I too plan to sip some tea and watch the Royal Wedding! - Shannon

  32. You look great in pineapple, I like it in my Malibu!! Thanks for sharing today Andrea. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  33. That pineapple towel is very pretty.
    I'd totally buy a bunch of stuff if I went to your yard sale.

  34. I think the whole blogging world sees pineapples and thinks of you, my sweet. Just imagine if even half of us sent you a pineapple something! Love the pics of you at the garage sale, so pretty, and your pineapple pants, snoop cute!
    Hope you enjoyed your dressing gown wedding experience, it was glorious weather here too and what an OOTD!
    Hugs to you, my pretty pineapple, x.

  35. That Pineapple top is so stinking adorable. Unfortunately for me, I'm so long-waisted that it would fall short on my torso! I'm so glad that I found your blog on Not Dressed As Lamb's link. It's such a happy blog!!

  36. Oh, Andrea, you are so sweet to feature me on your blog. I just flew in this afternoon and can't wait to get a post together about our trip. I'm so tired and weary but it was worth it all. I use to have garage sales all the time and have made so much money with them. But, I don't have them any more, just too much work. I just take everything to the thrift store. Happy week sweet girl!

  37. I'm slow on the blog reading this week- hope you had a great weekend!

  38. OMG that photo of you form 1989 is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! You really haven't changed a bit, have you?! Wonderful <3
    Suzy xx

  39. Dang. I just bought the bow sandals from ON and mine weren't on sale. Ugh. Definitely loving all things pineapple lately too!

  40. LOVE your pineapple top and all the pineapple outfit inspirations especially the bikini and coverup! Hope all went well at your dermatologist appointment. That reminds me, I'm well overdue for a checkup! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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