29 November 2017


This Tartan Plaid Waterfall Cardigan was the first thing that popped up for me when I visited the Shein website recently. And I knew I had to have it to go with my red Hunters. I thought how festive it would be here at the Holidays. 

On this particular day, it was dreary so I decided to pull out a Yankees hat and I LOVE how it turned out! Everything just blended nicely and I happened to decide on distressed jeans which I love with a Ball-cap. 

I'll be wearing a ball cap a lot come Spring. Our youngest, who is a great baseball player, has decided to play again and is really excited as he'll be on Varsity and should be an asset to the team.

I love pulling out my ruffled boot socks, especially with Hunters. I'm not really a fan of the fold over Hunter Brand socks plus these are under $10 and make a great sticking stuffer.


Now Let's Link-Up your fabulous style and head over to The Blended Blog and see what one of our beautiful ladies is styling and loving!


28 November 2017


Yep, it's heavenly delicious alright!! I had not made this recipe in years as I am not one to often cook with boxed sodium filled items but sometimes you reminisce on the deliciousness of Thanksgiving and want the ease of something similar without all the work. 

Or you simply want to try something new with chicken. The latter is how I was when I first made this year's ago and it was a huge it. Plus, if you're sick of turkey and want to use up leftover stuffing, this would be a great meal to whip up after a day of Christmas decorating or shopping! I often find myself pulling out these hearty comfort food recipes around the holidays and making this reminded me what a keeper it is! 

What You'll Need

1 1/2 to 2 lbs boneless Chicken breasts
2 cups Monterey Jack shredded cheese 
1 box Stovetop Stuffing (I use reduced sodium)
1/3 cup chopped onion
4 Tablespoons butter
1 Can Cream of Chicken (I use the Healthy Request) 
1/3 cup milk

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place Chicken breasts in a 8x8 baking dish. Top with cheese. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, Sauté onions in the butter. Finish off stuffing as directed in box (or use leftover from Thanksgiving) Spread prepared stuffing over the cheese. Mix the cream of chicken and milk in a small bowl until blended and spread evenly over the stuffing. Cover pan with aluminum foil and bake covered for 50 minutes. Remove foil and bake another 30 minutes until golden on top.