01 April 2016


It's my Birthday tomorrow!! It's been somewhat overshadowed this week by worry. Oh worrying is wrong, I know it is but I can't help it. Our two oldest leave today for Spring Break to different destinations...worry. My mom is 5 hrs away for my precious grandmas last days....worry. I'm going to Let Go and Let God. I'll pray for peace. Sweet Mr. Nine is taking me and our youngest to Chicago tomorrow so maybe a little retail therapy and a great dinner will diminish some worries. Oh and I'm going to try Eggs Benedict for the first time at brunch on Sunday. 
In the meantime, here are some fun Friday Birthday Favs....

1. My Favorite Cocktail: KEY LIME MARTINI
It's no secret I have mentioned my go to cocktail of choice is a Key Lime Martini. So what better Cocktail to share on the Friday Favorites than my beloved martini. 
37th Birthday

Key Lime Martini~My Favorite Recipe
1/2 fluid ounce vanilla-flavored vodka (such as Stoli®)
1/2 fluid ounce key lime juice (Rose's is the best)
1/2 fluid ounce simple syrup
1/2 fluid ounce half-and-half
Put enough ice cubes into a cocktail shaker to be about 3/4 full. Pour vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, and half-and-half over ice cubes, shake, and strain into a graham cracker lined martini glass.

2. Key Lime Pie, (April 3rd)  and Me (April 2nd)
I obviously like Key lime at B-Day time. My best friend and I have birthday's a day apart and we work together so one day this week we had a double party at work to celebrate. We have had a double party at work for the last 13 years. Since my mom works there as well, she always bring her amazing and the requested Key Lime Pie. My mom is down south with my ill grandma this year so the Pie will have to wait. Let me tell ya, it's worth the wait!!
I wrote about it with the Recipe Here

Birthday girls


Whipped up a batch of the Pineapple Pretzel Fluff for our birthday dessert
Recipe HERE

3. Week's Attire
Felt like some brighter colors this week
Gap skirt, Kohl's ruffle top, Loft cardigan and Loft scarf

Macy's INC tunic, Vera Wang leggings, Steve Madden booties, Forever 21 necklace

JRoss tunic top/dress, Michael Kors flats, Etsy necklace

Gap Boots, Loft Boyfriend jeans, Old Navy scarf, target tee and cardi for errand running.

4. Wish List
I am one of those people that just gets super excited over gifts, even if it is just a pen or frisbee or coffee mug. Or when I was 8; a macrame bear hanger. I literally squeal with gift excitement and get just as excited when others open their gifts from me. 

I'm super easy to buy for and these things would not hurt either, lol.
Karen Walker Super Dupers

Any Designer Blush Bag

Ahhhh, Paradise, yes, just yes

5. Some Favorite Birthday's of the Past

 5th Birthday Ballerina Cake

 21st Birthday (tiny cake so room for now what I'm saying....)

One of my favorite pictures and 30th Birthday...teach them young to buy Mom shoes......

Happy Weekend sweet and beautiful friends. 
I know it'll be great. No worries ;-)

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  1. Happy early birthday Andrea!! I'm sorry you've had such a hard week, but I hope the weekend is filled with lots of love, SHOPPING & good food! You're going to love eggs benedict!! (I think haha) Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Happy early birthday!!! I love that you, your best friend, and your mom all work together!!! That's like the best work environment ever!! Praying for you today that God takes your worry from you!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Happy early birthday, Andrea! So sorry to hear it's been a rough week, but hopefully you will have a wonderful birthday weekend in Chicago with lots of shopping!! Love the last picture with your son giving you the precious!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  4. Wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope your weekend is full of celebrations and wishing your kids safe travels!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  5. Happy Birthday! Love your throwback photos! Wishing your kids safe travels and you a wonderful birthday weekend! You will love eggs benedict!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Wishing you a birthday that is every bit as beautiful, sweet, and fabulous as you truly are, sweet friend!! I will be praying for you and your precious family! <3 Much love to you and *big birthday hugs attached here*!!! xoxo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  7. Happy birthday to you gorgeous! You're a spring baby like me! Treat yourself to that key lime martini that looks so delicious and enjoy Chicago with your family!

  8. First of all: Happy birthday!!!! I hope your Chicago trip is just what you need to unwind and de-stress. Secondly, I know how you feel about needing to Let Go and Let God. Yes. I'm with you. Praying that we both are able to do that more easily!
    And just pass me one of those key lime martinis and I'll cheers you because they are SO good! My husband and I will get them sometimes instead of dessert!

  9. Happy Birthday Friend!!!! I love all of your old pictures and you seriously look EXACTLY the same!!!You are truly a beautiful person inside and out. I love your positive outlook on life and how much you care about others. The world needs more people like you in it! I definitely hear you on Let Go and Let God. Sometimes you just gotta do it though! I have to work tomorrow otherwise I would meet up with you. If you're planning on going to brunch on Sunday try to go to the Little Goat, its fantastic. Have an amazing day and weekend!

  10. OMG! It's your birthday tomorrow! Wish we lived closer so I can congratulate you in person! Wishing you a fabulous birthday, my friend! You are so beautiful, inside and out! Hoping you will have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family and friends! Sending you a big HUG! Love you to the moon and back!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. Loved all the throwback photos and seeing how beautiful you still are! I SO hope you get to enjoy Chicago this weekend and please enjoy a key lime martini for me tomorrow! I'll be with you in spirit!

  12. Have the happiest of birthdays!!!!!!!!

  13. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Enjoy your key lime pie and hope you enjoy every minute, gorgeous! :)

  14. Oh my goodness these pictures are so fun! I'm so sorry you have been full of worry. I will send up a prayer for you to let God take over and cover you with his love. Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You have always been a beautiful lady I see!! holy wow!
    Also, sorry I freaked you out this morning, I actually felt super bad lol Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere, I like you guys too much and I have WAY too much to say! lol
    Have a super amazing and worry-free weekend!! Drink lots of delicious bevys!!

  16. Happy birthday!!! (one day early)! I hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating!

  17. Happy Birthday Sweetness! I hope all your wishes come true! xo

  18. Ha- love the flash back birthday pictures- Happy Birthday tomorrow, hope your day is as beautiful as you!

  19. Happy Birthday! Hope some birthday celebrating will help lift your worries. :)

  20. Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy it. I am a worrier too!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  21. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hear ya on the worries - I'll be keeping your spring break boys and grandma in my thoughts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Happy Birthday! I hope you have fun in Chicago. Worry - why do we worry?!? Let go and let God - that's all we have to do - but it's easier said than done.

    Daily Style Finds

  23. Happy early Birthday, Andrea! I hope you have an amazing weekend and birthday celebration! I'm a huge worrier too...there's no need too worry, it will drive us insane!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  24. Happy Birthday, Andrea! So sorry you have worries! Prayers for safety for your boys, for your sweet grandma and the family and for you to have a happy birthday!

  25. First of all, I love how you share your life and your inspiration. Happy almost birthday, beautiful! Oh, I can't imagine the new and real worries of that stage. Praying for their safety and your peace of mind. I LOVE your birthdays past photos, especially the shoe gift one. You are gorgeous through every stage. I think the ladies of the Blended Blog might need a "conference" in paradise at some point...

  26. Happy happy birthday beautiful lady! You have hardly changed since you were 21. I hope you don't worry to much and enjoy your birthday weekend. The blush purse is so pretty and I could use a key lime martini right about now. lol

  27. I am a worrier by nature too Andrea, so I feel your pain, but what's meant to happen will happen, lets both put some positive vibes into the world this weekend! Happiest of birthdays to one of the loveliest people I've ever met in my life, I hope you are spoiled rotten! We are fellow Aries, I don't know why I always forget that :D Also, I have never tried eggs benedict either, please report back to me what you think hahaha. Happiest of weekends to you my dear, sweet friend! XO -Kim

  28. Happy birthday! I am sure the boys will be fine, but I would worry too. I don't even like it if a storm blows through and Jax is at daycare and I'm at work! That is so fun that you and your BFF have birthdays so close and share a party at work. I am sure the pie with worth the wait and will be even better when she has a chance to make it for you! Have a GREAT birthday weekend!

  29. Happy Birthday Eve sweet friend! Gimme all the key lime goodies - yum! Hope you have a fabulous birthday weekend, and don't worry about your boys on spring break. They'll have fun, but you raised great kids! Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  30. Ahhhhhhhhhhh Happy Birthday sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!! Retail therapy sounds like the perfect way to spend your weekend getting all these worries off your mind. And treat yoself because BIRTHDAY!!!! And certainly indulge in all the key lime things. Girl, you have not aged a single bit in any of those pictures! Just a beauty! Have a great birthday weekend! Xoxo

  31. Happy birthday!! I love all these throwback photos! Hope you have an awesome birthday weekend!!

  32. Happy, Happy birthday friend! I am so glad we met just a short while ago, love getting to know you better! Outfits are spot on this week. Worry is probably the reason why my parent's always said no to me spring they wanted to see me. Love all of your old photos...I need to hound my parents for old photos.

  33. Happy happy birthday! I hope you have the best birthday weekend and try not to worry too much :) I think all moms worry. My mom is currently worrying about mine and my sisters best friends because they're in New Zealand and they went bungee jumping yesterday and it totally made my my freaked out and worried. And they're not even her kids! Haha!

  34. Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!!! Oh I hope your time in Chicago is wonderful and your worry can dissipate! I hope you enjoy every moment. And key lime anything is my go to!!! Hugs, love, and best birthday wishes - Amanda

  35. Happy, happy Birthday, Andrea! I hope you can let go of the worry a bit this weekend! I know it's so much easier said than done though...

    I love your outfits - great tunics! And I really hope you get a blush bag! :-)

  36. I hope your birthday is FAB! I'll celebrate mine this month to, on the 20th. =) I love a Key Lime Pie and they're super simple to make. Now you've got me craving one so might have to run to the store tomorrow.

  37. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is as fabulous as you are!! You've been stylish since day one!!! Enjoy!!

  38. So fun walking down memory lane! Great photos. Happiest of Birthdays sweet lady! And, key lime is the best!!

  39. Happy Birthday, Andrea! Nice memories, glad you share it with us.

  40. Oh sweet Andrea I have been MIA. But happy belated birthday to both you and your bestie. How cool that you work with her and your mamma. Your birthday yearly cake and key lime martini both sound delish. I hope you enjoyed Chicago, retail therapy and eggs benedict.

    Let us know how your grandma is. =)

  41. So many things that make me smile in this post . . . Happiest of birthday wishes to you my sweet blogger friend! I've been absent recently just doing things (and taking my mom to Nashville for a long weekend) so I'm catching up! I hope you had a fabulous day . . . it would be fun to celebrate with you!!!

    I love some key lime as well but my husband really adores key lime pie - he's def not going to sip a "girl cocktail" so I'll save those for me and my friends!

    The pineapple pretzel fluff looks so like my jam . . . so I click on the link for recipe and panic because I can't save the post in Bloglovin'! Then, low and behold, I see your Recipe tab and literally squealed happily - it was there and now I can always find your yummy recipes!!!

    Cute, cute colorful outfits . . . it's still so chilly here that I haven't broken out the spring clothes too much!

    And I just LOVE the "vintage" photos . . . my mom was just here and I asked her to bring me the photos and albums from my childhood so I could make copies! My kids think they are so funny! I kinda do too! Happy day to you!


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