23 March 2015


I am not a big user of profanity and you won't see it much here on the Blog. However, when emotionally charged in the moment, sometimes it slips. I think mothers can benefit when we are honest about this. We don't need to sugar coat our parenting experience, we need to be as down to earth and truthful as we can.

Our boys know we would be uncomfortable if they swear so there is guilt if a cuss word should slip in their presence. If by chance they let one slip out, we don't ever hear it, so at least we have made our feelings on profanity known and they feel "cuss word" guilt too. Truth is sometimes we can say very hurtful things without ever uttering a single potty word.

So, this is the craziest habit of all my crazy tics. There are 2 words in the English language that I feel the need to put the word $h*! behind.
They are:


Weird I know, although when inquiring with friends if they do this, I did get an overwhelming, "yes", probably never realizing before it was something they did.
Yep, so this is how it goes~Husband says:
 "What are you doing with all those boxes?'
My reply: "Haulin $h*!"

"What are you doing in the office on the computer?"
Me: "Selling $h*! on ebay."

Why do I feel the need to add the $h*!?

Then it continues.....
I tell my husband he needs a big truck to "Haul $h*!" or I need to have a garage sale to "sell some $h*!"
Truth is I don't know what I'd be haulin' and I don't sell stuff THAT often. I just like saying it!!

Maybe it stems from one of my favorite day dates I had with my husband soon after we were married. He had a Chevy Avalanche and we loaded it up one rainy Saturday with junk from combining our households to take to the county dump. Oh yes, most women would say "boring" or "gross". Not this girl! I think of our little jaunts as adventures. The rain made it a tad muddy so we had some fun spinning those tires.
We laughed, we acted silly, we sang to the radio admiring the tidy dump procedures in the massive pit and
I bet that day I said "I love Hauling $h*!"

P.S. Invest in some rubber rain boots. Trust me it helps on those "dump days!!"

“Why use profanity in real life and writing? Because sometimes 'darn it' just doesn't cut it.”
Jacqueline Patricks


  1. Very funny!! A chip off the old block!

  2. even hauling your "stinkin cute😉"


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