Oh, what a fun week! Mr. Nine was on a business trip so my friend Kellyann and I see the day to have a girl’s week. Not only did we enjoy time at my house, but we got a Shopping and Fun day on Lake Michigan and a couple days in Chicago to explore and see even more friends! And we stayed in a boutique hotel with robots to bring you supplies. As we speak, she’s probably right beside me and we’re going to have breakfast today at the Tipsy Biscuit!

1. Kellyann Of Course

Yes, talk about a bright light! Such a joy to have Kellyann come stay with me!! She was one of the first true friends I made on this blogging journey. Right before Covid hit, I was supposed to go to her home but of course we had to cancel that along with a trip with our other OG blogger friends. If you don’t read her blog or follow her Instagram, you are missing out! She is a true precious soul, and I am so honored to call her friend! We are very like-minded and I love that! Plus her style is spot on.

She even got to meet my mama!

2. The Other Babes

And of course, when we hit Chicago, we made sure to meet up with all the other wonderful friends we’ve met through blogging.

Wednesday, we shared a day with Jill for shopping and a great dinner!

Thursday morning was a fabulous brunch at Beatrix meeting up with Kathrine, Laura, and Caroline.

So excited to get the pumpkin pancakes.

Then we spent the day on the Gold Coast with Caroline!
Cocktails and Deep Dish Pizza too!

More on adventures with Kellyann and the ladies soon…

3. Friday Fall Featured
Recipe: Butternut Squash, Sausage 
and Penne Pasta Skillet

This is the flavors of Fall for dinner…so Tasty. 

I LOVE a one dish meal!



Just a little snippet of this year’s simple mantle.

4. Clara Sunwoo
It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the mother-daughter design team at Clara Sunwoo! Isn’t this bright, hot pink sweater just fabulous. They have branched out into beautiful sweaters, and I am loving them! As always everything is no wrinkle and such a great weight. The cropped palazzo pants flow so nicely on the skin! I have a code for you: ANDREA10 and a link HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Toggle Terrific


Happy first official 
weekend of Fall!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love that you have so many great blog friends that you get to see in real life. Such fun!

  2. It was so fun spending the day with you and Kellyann this week! That butternut squash skillet looks delicious! Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. It was so fun to meet Kellyann and see you again my friend! Love your Clara Sunwoo look. Enjoy your weekend Andrea!

  4. Anonymous23.9.22

    Wow girls weekend looks like non stop good times with good friends!! Wondering if you could share details on your dress, sweater combo you wore to brunch at Beatrix?

  5. Yay for fall! That looked like a fun time with your blog friend and getting together in Chicago took it to the next level! Awesome-sauce! What a fun week!!

  6. Nothing beats girl time! So glad you got to enjoy- looks like a blast!

  7. That is so fun that you had a blog friend visit!

  8. How exciting to see all of your blogging friends Andrea. The squash pasta dish looks so good. Wishing you a happy Friday and fall. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. What a blessing! Great friends are such treasures and always so happy (and a little jealy) that you have a wonderful group. You all are such inspirations and btw, is there any outfit that doesn't look cute on you?! Love those pink sailor pants on you and yes to that pink sweater as well. But I really adore the brown sweater dress. It's very beautiful and you are rocking that look! Wishing you a beautiful weekend Andrea and happy Friday!

    Maureen |

  10. It's so wonderful Kellyann was able to visit! And wonderful we were able to get together and meet her too! She is a fabulous person!

  11. This post is as precious as you are and as I type this, sweet Stella Mae is staring at me - lol!! Yep, I'm at your house, reading your blog post on my last day. It's been a wonderful visit and I can't wait to come back! So many great memories made!
    Love ya!

  12. Andrea... you and Kellyann are so darn cute together! What a fabulous week you had. Enjoy your weekend!! PS Your Mama is hot stuff! Don't forget to thank her every day for your incredible genes!

  13. Oh I bet you and Kellyann are having a ball!!

  14. What a fabulous time. I guess I'm going to have to come out to Chicago now. Meeting all your fabulous ladies is high on my list!! And we will make sure that Kellyann comes too. Gosh what fun that would be!!

  15. You had way too much fun last week!! And lol at that first meme. I'm cracking up!


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