5 Tips too Help Make Moving to College Easier

Fall is upon us, so that means everyone is heading back to school. If you are starting school in a new town, it can feel a bit overwhelming. What can you bring or not bring with you? How are you going to transport everything from your home to your new university? Some schools have a list of approved items that you can have as well as what is denied. Before you leave, ensure that you have all the necessary documents and paperwork and a list of items, because if you come with a few items that are restricted, you’ll have to leave it there. Even more important, if you are sharing a dorm room with someone you can save your time money, time, and space to figure out what and how you’ll be sharing your living space with your new roommate. Consider discussing ahead of time adding or removing items to better meet the needs of your dynamics. Below are a few ideas. And keep in mind, often the moving has to be done each year unless the student keeps an apartment or house.

1. Packing Clothes:

Of course, when you are moving, you’ll want to be packing clothes but not your entire wardrobe. Include certain staples such as sweaters and jeans and pack whichever items you like regarding fashion trends. Place the right items in the correct section of your suitcase or backpack for an efficient and organized packing process. Taking time to thoroughly think about what you want to bring allows you to pack effectively and take less space in your tiny room or off-campus apartment. Pack for the season and then if you live close, go ahead and switch our clothes out when the next season comes to help save space.

2.        Dorm Room/Apartment:

You want your dorm room/apartment to feel like your home because it is your home base for an entire year. There are many ways to make it cozy, comfortable, and personable. If you can, add a few of these including an alarm clock, floor lamp, desk lamp, posters, or even an area rug. If you are into painting, hang up some of your favorite drawings as a small private art exhibition. Discuss with your roommate a color scheme as well if you are living with someone. Decide what each person could bring and share as far as making it both yours but also yours together.

3.        Toiletries:

If you are moving into a dorm that has a communal bathroom, you’ll want to purchase a shower caddy to help make it easier to bring all your bathroom essentials easier in one single trip rather than several. There are many ideas on how to bring a good set of grooming tools that are the right choice for you. Some essential items you’ll want to bring are shower shoes (I just grab a few old navy flip flops), a shower caddy, air sanitizer, washcloths, bath towels, toilet paper, toothbrush, bathrobe, mouth wash, body lotion, shaving razor, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo, and conditioner. Keep all of them in a box when you move and mark it toiletry bag to help you.

4.        Kitchen:

Many dormitories offer limited space a kitchen, but you could add a few things if you need to. Adding a small water kettle to help use for hot soup, coffee or tea is perfect to use and plugin within your dorm room. Grab a small refrigerator to store any extra food that needs refrigeration, leftovers of food you haven’t finished from meals or drinks.


Renters Insurance:

As much as you hope and pray for a safe and quiet year, things to happen.
Making sure you have secured insurance which covers both personal property and liability for damages will add protection and peace of mind.

Images: Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas

Now the question is, how do you move all of these items plus school supplies to your new home? You could rent a truck and attempt to do it yourself or you could hire movers to help you move! If you live in Nevada, a popular company,  Muscle Movers LLC Las Vegas can assist you. These long-distance Las Vegas movers are true professionals to help you pack, lift, move and unpack your belongings no matter how far your home to your new university may be. They are a dedicated moving specialist to assign specifically to your home. The company can provide you with a moving plan which is tailored specifically to your requested needs. Take the stress out of moving to your new college dorm and enjoy this time to explore, meet new friends and make memories!

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  3. These are great tips! We always ship our daughter's belongings to college.

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